Best Book Shelf Speakers

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While we all enjoy listening to our favourite music, the process is far from a simple one. What we have today has been a culmination of decades of technological improvements.

As you may know, getting the right audio quality and great speakers is a must if you plan on enjoying any kind of music.

But what you also need to bear in mind is that a good listening experience doesn’t only come down to the sound resolution or the type of speakers that you have. It also has to do with where your speakers stand.

Best Speaker Stands 2023 Buying Guide

With this said, we’ll be looking into the best speaker stands that would pair perfectly with some of the best bookshelf speakers.

1) Sanus HTBS: Check Price On Amazon

Sanus Speaker Stands Pair 2

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions speaker stands are usually those robust beams that are both heavy and expensive.

However, there are some of those more compact and cheaper solutions, especially if we’re talking about smaller speakers. A great example comes with Sanus and their HTBS speaker stands model.

Now, what you need to know is that these are intended for smaller satellite speakers. These stands support Bose, Polk, Sony, Harmon Kardon, and some other speakers that weigh up to 3.5 pounds.

While this seems like not much of a speaker stand at a first glance, they’re pretty useful for anyone who just needs to find a way to place their satellite speakers or computer speakers without spending too much money.

What’s pretty great about them is that you can adjust their height. The height of the top plate can hold your speakers at a height anywhere between 28 and 38 inches from the floor. What’s more, the height is pretty easily adjusted, making these stands very useful for any setting.

Other than that, they’re made from steel and come with an appropriate wide base. We even have well-thought-of cable management that keeps things as tidy as possible. So aside from durability, we even have some nice practical features with them.

You really can’t go wrong with these stands if you’re looking for a simple solution for smaller speakers. Aside from nice practical features and traits, they’re also pretty cheap and reliable. However, that’s about it when it comes to these. You can’t expect them to hold anything bigger, which would be kind of disappointing to some users.


  • A great solution for compact satellite speakers
  • Adjustable height
  • Made from steel, they’re fairly durable
  • The base is relatively heavy and large
  • They’re affordable


  • They can hold only up to 3.5 pounds, making them suitable for smaller speakers only

2) VideoSecu 2: Check Price On Amazon

VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty

Now, we have something else on our hands for the next set of speaker stands. VideoSecu is a company that specializes in the secure positioning of audio and video equipment. Whether it’s for entertainment or professional purposes, they’ve got you covered for video monitors, audio monitors, TV sets, and plenty of other stuff.

When it comes to speaker stands, we’re looking at their VideoSecu 2 set. What’s quite exciting is that they’re designed to fulfill the needs of professional DJs, as well as casual music listeners who want something solid for a decent price.

And you can see that right away at the very first glance. They’re made of steel and can handle speaker weight of up to 30 pounds. This is more than enough for even some bigger home speakers or studio monitors.

But what’s also exciting is that they have adjustable clamps on the top plate. This means that you can put speakers of different sizes and secure them safely on top of these stands. They support the width that’s anywhere between 5.5 and 11 inches. Additionally, top plates can turn 180 degrees all around and we even have a tilt option up to 10 degrees for precise level adjustment.

And that’s not all when it comes to functionalities of these fine speaker stands. In addition to 180-degree pan and 10-degree tilting, we even have an adjustable height. The base of your speaker can be anywhere between 26.5 inches and up to 47 inches from the surface.

While we’re at it, the base also comes with adjustable feet that let you balance things out on both hard and soft surfaces. On top of all this, there are wire management canals that will keep things tidy.


  • Great deal for the price
  • Very adjustable
  • Can hold up to 30 pound


  • Nothing for this price level

3) Atlantic PN77335799: Check Price On Amazon

Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Atlantic usually focuses on the furniture, but they also have some pretty great speaker and TV stands of different kinds.

When it comes to speaker stuff, we’d single out the PN77335799 model as a great example. While it has a somewhat complicated name, they’re fairly simple and stable. These “bookshelf” speaker stands have pretty wide bases and come with durable top plates that can withstand up to 20 pounds with ease.

While intended for home use and hi-fi entertainment systems, they can also be handy for some smaller studios, both amateur and professional ones.

The top plates of these stands can be fitted with either adhesive strips or four metal studs, making them useful for different types of speakers. Plates are about 6 by 6 inches, meaning that they can even hold larger speakers, and can even be rotated by 45 degrees to help you position the speakers more easily.

Their stands are also designed for hard surfaces and they won’t damage your floor in any way.

In the end, it’s worth noting that these stands are very durable and will definitely serve you well for quite a while. On the other hand, some additional features, including height adjustment, would be welcome.

But they’re still pretty much worth the price. What’s more, their hollow support beam comes with a wire management canal that’s rather easy to set up.


  • Simple construction
  • Very durable
  • They come with a wire management canal
  • Large top plates
  • Top plates can be rotated 45 degrees for more position options


  • There could be some more features there, like height adjustment

4) Perlesmith PSSS6: Check Price On Amazon

Best Speaker Stand

PERLESMITH Speaker Stands

While these might seem simple, Perlesmith’s PSSS6 Universal floor speaker stands are the next level stuff for true audiophiles. And this does not come as a surprise at all, since Perlesmith is a company that focuses on TV and speaker stands and cares a lot about useful features and audio quality.

And that’s exactly what we can see with the PSSS6 set. First off, these stands come with very durable and stable metal construction. Thanks to their design and build, each can hold up to 22 pounds. As far as compatibility goes, they’re suitable for speakers of any of the famous brands, including Yamaha, Sony, Polk, Edifier, and plenty of others.

Combined with durability and great design, simplicity is one of their most important traits. Assembly is pretty simple and does not require any additional tools. You’ll be able to do everything by hand.

They also come with different configurations, both in terms of speaker positioning and floor placement. We have both rubber feet and metal studs, which are useful for different types of speakers and surfaces.

The main support beams are also filled with vibration-absorbing material which makes them especially useful for those who strongly care about keeping the sound clear.

We also have large holes for wire canals. This makes them quite easy to set up with all the wires and cables that come with speakers. To add to all the functionalities and features, we have adjustable top plates that can rotate 45 degrees.

On the other hand, these stands don’t have any height adjustment, which would be pretty useful for home settings. But we really can’t complain since these are pro-level stands that can even be useful for studio monitors.


  • Pro-level stands with vibration-absorbing material in the main beam
  • Adjustable top plates for better speaker placement
  • Amazing build quality
  • Very durable
  • Great deal for the price


  • Some additional features would be useful

5) Bose FS-1: Check Price On Amazon

Bose Speaker Stands

In the end, there was no way to avoid mentioning Bose on this list. And here, we’re looking into their 31089 FS-1 “bookshelf” speaker stands that are unlike others that we mentioned here. Although the most expensive ones here, these floor stands are the next level.

And it’s not just about their great build quality, but about aesthetically-pleasing design as well. Made of steel and aluminum, you’ll get both the durability and pretty looks.

Some might think of them as pieces of metal put together and sold for a bigger price. But there’s more behind their seemingly simple design when you take a closer look. Knowing that Bose is also specializing in studio and hi-fi equipment, these stands are designed to bring the best possible performance.

Every component in there – including the support beam, the foot, and the top plate – is designed with this in mind. Yes, they might be a bit heavy to move around, but they’re quite stable. This is useful not only for safety reasons but your speakers won’t wobble around, which may cause some changes in the overall sonic output.

In case you’re looking for stylish, functional, heavy-duty speaker stands that come with the reliable build quality and improved performance of your speakers, this is the pair that you’ll want to be looking into.

Although designed specially to work with Bose 301 and 201 speaker systems, they can come in handy for any other brand out there. Just bear in mind that they’re a bit more expensive and heavy to move around your home.

On the other hand, you’ll set them up easily and have an amazing listening experience for your home entertainment system. They’re a must for every devoted audiophile out there.


  • Great build quality, heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction
  • Designed to bring the best out of your speakers
  • Great simple design and aesthetic features


  • They might be a little heavy to move around

Things to Look For In a Speaker Stand

But, of course, before we get into any of the products, we’d like to take some time to see what makes a good speaker stand. What are the things you’ll need to be looking into before buying a pair?

These stands are more than just pieces of wood and/or metal tacked together that serve as a place where your speakers will rest on. In fact, if you’re a true audiophile, they can have a big impact on the sonic output.

The things that you’ll need to think of are weight rating, the construction of the top plate, base construction, material used, cable management, and height.

Weight Holding Strength

One of the first things you’ll need to know is whether the stand can hold the weight of your speakers.

In most cases, it’s always the best idea to have those that can withstand a considerably bigger maximum weight than those of your speakers. This way, you’re ensuring that they’re standing still and not wobbling around. It’s not only about the sound but about safety as well.

Speaker contact

When it comes to top plates, they often have little rubber feet where the speaker will stand. This way, your speakers will have a solid grip on the plate and will be able to vibrate freely. In some cases, we even have small metal studs or a hole in the middle.

The hole can be used to bolt on some types of speakers, which can be useful. Studs, on the other hand, might be a little tricky and can even damage the speaker housing in the long run. In the end, it’s also important to have a plate of an appropriate size that would keep your speakers safe on these stands.


As far as the material goes, we usually have steel or wooden stands. The choice comes down to personal preferences, but steel stands last much longer, and are the best choice for professional studio engineers as well.

What’s more, steel stands sometimes have a hollow core in its main support beam, which is in most cases filled with sand. The addition of such materials makes them more stable and even improves sound quality.


The base is another important part of a stand. It’s usually heavy and it’s designed to provide stability and can further control and absorb vibrations from the speakers. They can either have rubber pads or metal spikes on the bottom. Pads are useful for solid floors, while spikes come in handy for carpet or any other soft surfaces.

These spikes can even go through carpets and can work in combination with rubber pads that go below the carpet and against the hard floor.

Additionally, some speaker stands come with different solutions for wire management. For extra-tidy solutions, some stands have channels that hide all the cables.  


While speaker stands might seem like a simple thing to choose, there are important things to consider here. This is especially the case if you have great speakers and you need to bring the best out of them.

Looking at all the examples that we explored in this guide, we’d say that Perlesmith PSSS6 set is the best combination of price, practicality, features, and qualities that come with it. You won’t notice any interference with the sonic output and you’ll get very functional and great-looking stands for the cost.  

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