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Yesterday, I reported that the Garmin Forerunner 965 and FR265 could be launching soon. A retailer had listed both of the watches with a placement page, and this is a trend we have seen happen with Garmin launches before. Even Garmin can’t stick to their own embargos as they regularly put products live well before the launch time.

Sadly, Garmin hasn’t launched the new watches yet. Instead, they announced the rollout of the ECG app, which is a bit disappointing if you were expecting a watch launch.

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To make things even more disappointing, the rollout is only on the Garmin Venu 2 Plus and only in the US. To be fair to Garmin, ECG functionality is finickity because they need FDA approval.

There is no time frame for a UK or EU launch, but it is inevitable that this feature will be rolled out once Garmin passes the certification process for these regions.

Garmin has confirmed that no other watch currently available will get this feature. The Venu 2 Plus is the only watch with the required hardware built in. But they will inevitably have it on upcoming watches. I’d say the Garmin Forerunner 965 is a certainty and quite like the Forerunner 265.

In order to be able to do the ECG, Garmin needed to have a wire connecting the bezel to the metal ring outside the optical HR sensor. This is because an ECG needs at least two electrodes to measure the pulsating electrical waves that are generated by your heart.

Garmin ECG app test

The rollout of this functionality does make them one of the last brands to implement this sort of feature, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Huawei all have this functionality on various watches.

The ECG functionality is a nice addition, but it is a bit like when you used to have to do manual SPO2 readings on watches. Most people will try it out a couple of times and then never use it again. Of course, it is good to have it there, so you have the option to do this test if you think there may be a problem.

When you do an ECG, it will show within the app, but you can also export it to a PDF, allowing you to give a copy to your Doctor.

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