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A fresh bouquet of flowers is the best gift for a mother, girlfriend, or wife on any occasion. Whether the person prefers white roses, tulips, peonies, lilies, or gerberas, getting them a bouquet is a good way to show your love.

We compared the range of products, the convenience of ordering, prices for popular bouquets, and delivery speed to determine the top flower delivery shop that you can safely use in 2023.


3,500 local stores list their wares on Flowwow platform: local flower shops, gift stores, and private florists. Flowwow also personalizes the offers you see based on your preferences; the system learns and recommends products you’re sure to like. Additionally, you can use Wishlist, which allows you to flexibly customize your preferences for the future.

The platform has other products besides flowers. There you can find everything: bouquets, plush toys, cakes, decorations, etc.

Flowwow offers its customers:

  • Premium products, bouquets of helium balloons, gifts, and related products;
  • Services for professional compositions of bouquets of flowers;
  • Stylish decoration of gifts with kraft paper, ribbons, and bows;
  • Special offers and discounts on holidays: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and others.

Overall, this is the best service in terms of available products, their quality, and delivery speed.


Did you know that Amazon sells fresh flowers? In order to offer the most beautiful, longest-lasting bouquets, the online retailer often ships flowers in bud form so that they’ll open within two to three days of you receiving the order. And, before you have to ask: yes, flowers are available for overnight shipping.

3. Bloomscape

Bloomscape is another high-quality online flower store. Bloomscape offers indoor and outdoor plants, as well as soil, pots, and plant decor items. The company comes from five generations of greenhouse farmers, and its “roots go back to ancestors who were pioneers in Dutch gardening,” which is impressive.

4. H. Bloom

The H.Bloom company has made a name for itself along such well-known companies as 1800-Flowers, thanks to a creative approach not only to the compositions themselves but also to the very idea of sending flowers as a gift. While most services ask you to choose a composition, delivery date, and address, H. Bloom provides the user with several different options. For example, you can get the “Hero” package, which allows you to deliver fresh flowers yourself.

Users can also plan everything in advance by ordering a “Superhero” package, which includes three separate bouquets delivered to the recipient on the days you choose. Thus, you can send flowers three days in a row and be a gift that keeps on giving or spread them out across the main holidays to always be ready.

5. Teleflora

Teleflora bouquets are 100% created and delivered by local florists in your area. This means that each bouquet will be delivered directly to your door with maximum care. They also use contactless delivery for your safety and the safety of florists.

The ordering process on Teleflora can not be simpler:

  • Specify a delivery address;
  • You will be able to specify the time and date of delivery;
  • You can pay by bank card or cash;

After your order is complete, you can rate the store and send feedback, which will help to make Teleflora even better.


  • Which Is The Best Site To Send Flowers?

Any of the 5 services described above can be a good choice for the flower delivery. Flowwow is the best overall because it offers so much more than flowers and has a terrific delivery speed.

  • Who Is The Most Famous Florist?

Gregor Lersch is a German florist known for his plant designs. Gregor’s work is renowned all over the world, and some even call him the “Master of all Master Florists.”

  • How do I choose a flower delivery service?

First of all, you should look at what services are available in your area. If you already know what you want to order then look through the websites of all these services and decide on which offer you like best. Do not forget to check out the user’s reviews, it is often a good way to find out whether the service is worth the money.

  • Which delivery flowers last the longest?

If we are talking about cut flowers, then Chrysanthemums are probably the best choice. They can last up to 3 weeks and still look fresh if you take care of them correctly.

  • Is it better to order flowers online or in store?

In truth, nowadays, there are no particular differences. Online services often offer a wider range of products but if you like a specific store in your area there is no reason to stop ordering from there.

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