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In the typical modern home network, there is nothing more frustrating than slow internet. When a movie isn’t loading, a website is just buffering, or you simply cannot get a smooth Zoom call, you will find yourself groaning in frustration. It is a common problem, but not one without solutions.

If you are trying to figure out why your Spectrum Internet is so slow and spectrum customer service has not been able to help, we may have some solutions. Here are some reasons that you might want to look into in order to get faster internet.

  1. Your router or modem is old. The first thing that might be slowing you down is your modem or router. If you are on a faster Spectrum plan, but your modem or router is still from several years ago, chances are good that you need to update your device in order to get the speeds of internet that you are looking for. You can look at a variety of places to find a recommended Spectrum router, like BlueGadgetTooth. Ultimately, you will want to make sure that your router can match the speeds that you are paying for with Spectrum. That means your modem or router should always be capable of speeds higher than your speed package to ensure that you are getting the most out of your internet. You can even look into Gigabit internet and buy a device that is sure to be future-proof.
  2. You haven’t been updating your devices. Another reason that your internet might be lagging is that you haven’t taken the time to update your modem and router recently. Updates will have corrections to errors that might have been previously discovered. They also have new security protocols to make up for the newest malware that might be out there circulating. Keeping your devices up to date will ensure that there isn’t anything inside of them that might be causing you an internet slowdown.
  3. You have your router in a bad spot. Routers cannot reach everywhere. Their range is only as good as it is to start with. When you add in furniture, walls, and other obstructions, your internet is also going to be slower, because the signal has to travel through more things to reach the device on the other end. Sometimes people keep their routers in a kitchen on a granite countertop. Granite will interfere with the signal as well so that it is not as fast as you would want it to be. Microwaves will also interfere with the router’s signal, slowing it down and causing interruptions. Ideally, your router will be in the middle of a room somewhere and be in the middle of your house. That way, it will have the best chance of reaching as many areas as possible.
  4. You have leeches on your network. Ok, we don’t mean actual leeches, but is it possible that there are other users or devices on your network, sucking away all of your available bandwidth? If your network is not adequately locked down, it is absolutely possible to have your internet slow way down. If you are in an apartment or have closer neighbours, other people can hop onto an unsecured network without a problem. You might also have devices connected to your network that you are not actively using all of the time, but that are actively draining your network speeds all of the time. You should log into your router’s settings and look to see what devices are currently connected to your internet and what is not being actively used. There is also the possibility that someone within your network has been streaming or downloading heavily without your knowledge, all of which you should be able to see when you look through your device’s activity log.
  5. Is Spectrum doing their job? There is also a risk that something is happening on Spectrum’s end. Maybe they have interfered with your connection, resulting in slower internet than you should be getting. Do a speed test before talking to Spectrum and see if you have figure out what speeds you are really getting versus the speeds that you are paying for. Once you know that, you can call and talk to Spectrum about any speed errors that you are noting and find out what you can do to get a better speed.

Never assume that slower speeds are the status quo. There have been so many technological advancements in the world of the internet, that there are very few excuses to having slow internet. Spectrum’s available speeds are also always improving and updating, so you might be able to bump up your speed package to make sure that you are getting the speeds that you really need for your network. You will never know unless you ask.

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  1. Hello, 9/15/21 Really appreciate your insight but how do you test your devices speeds? and is there unwritten regular mantainance lol routines that’s needed on controllers and remotes that may cause some irregularities or performance problems?

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