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Running your business by using online tools is almost inevitable nowadays. It’s essential and natural to use the accessible software that accelerates the workflow and enables people to work remotely.

However, the software you’ll work with should not be randomly chosen – it could be potentially dangerous, as malware could steal data of utmost importance to your business. It concerns especially smaller companies, as they often cannot afford to buy top-quality software.

Still, it is possible to choose the essential software with reason and use trusted brands and applications. Below, we present a selection of essential programs and online tools that facilitate the online work of a small business.

Protective Software

The most vital tool that should be a part of every company’s work is protective software. It ensures that the devices used by employees are fully secure, and there is no threat of external attacks.

Smaller companies may not be able to afford expensive, top-rated antivirus. However, it is still possible to choose a cheaper but still decent one.

A lot of companies offer the so-called IT managed services – you pay a monthly subscription fee, and the external specialists take care of your devices and systems.

We recommend checking various types of online protection and choosing a program that’s the most suitable to you. Some companies offer the protection that’s well-suited to businesses’ needs – for instance, Bulletproof.co.uk. There are many options available on the market – you’ll certainly find something for yourself.

Online Storage Tools

If you hate seeing potentially important papers scattered around your office, we’ve got good news: the future of business belongs to online clouds and other storage tools. Why are they so convenient?

Firstly, storing information online is a lot safer than keeping it on one device – in case of any error or a system breakdown, the information still remains protected. What’s more, when data is kept in a could, it can be accessed from various devices and locations – an employee only needs to have a password or account.

With online storage tools, it is not necessary to exchange hundreds of emails anymore – everything is in one place. Some examples of online storage tools are Google Drive or iCloud. To read more about their features and mechanisms, click here.

Task Delegation Apps

Delegating and completing tasks in a company is never easy – there are numerous factors to consider, a lot of people to inform, and a great number of questions to ask.

That is why task delegation apps are a great solution to this problematic situation. Some of these apps and tools can be used only on computers; others also have mobile versions. You may try, for example, Airtable or Todoist – both tools help in delegating and segregating tasks that need to be done at a particular time.  Some more examples of such software are available here.

It may seem that smaller companies manage task delegation better – but in fact, in the age of remote work, it can be as difficult as in the case of big businesses – everyone is working at a different pace and time. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to improve your work organization.

Online Communication Software

Communication is vital within any company, and the owners of small businesses know it perfectly well.  To make it smooth and easy, business managers should introduce communication software to their companies.

Sending numerous emails is not convenient, which is why many employers and their workers seek other, more comfortable solutions. Apps like Slack, Google Chat, or even Messenger provide instant communication that can be used for business purposes. Apart from the chat option, they have additional functions like video calls, file sharing, or chat rooms, which are useful, especially to keep in touch with the whole team.

It’s best to choose an easy and intuitive app, as it will be a tool of daily communication within your team. While working remotely, you should also consider making use of online video communicators, such as MS Teams or Zoom. To read some reviews of apps of this type, click here.


Every company should be equipped with reliable, safe software that will facilitate its work and accelerate the communication process. It’s vital to remember not to use too many tools and platforms at once – everyone will simply get confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information coming from different sources.

You can now throw away all the boring calendars and sticky notes – in the digital era, you can organize the work using your smartphone or laptop. With good-quality and trustworthy software, it will be easier than you think!

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