Edifier W320TN Earbuds

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Edifier has just launched the W320TN True Wireless Noise Cancellation Earbuds, a pair that promises an advanced audio experience. The earbuds boast an AI Multimodal Adaptive System, LDAC audio encoding, and a set of features to enhance both music playback and phone calls.

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Edifier W320TN features

Unpacking the AI Multimodal Adaptive System

The centrepiece of the W320TN is its AI Multimodal Adaptive System. This intelligent system combines a blend of sounds and algorithms to ensure robust noise cancellation, high-fidelity sound quality, and sharp voice calls. One of the key issues with many earbuds is air leakage, which can disrupt sound quality. Edifier seems to have tackled this problem head-on through careful analysis and testing. They’ve set parameters that strike a balance between noise isolation and awareness of the real world, ultimately enhancing the user’s immersive experience.

Audio Quality: LDAC and Hi-Res Wireless Certification

Edifier isn’t skimping on the technical specs. The W320TN comes equipped with LDAC audio encoding and decoding with a 96kHz/24 bit sampling rate. These earbuds are also said to transmit three times the musical details compared to their competitors. With Hi-Res Wireless certification, you’re getting earbuds that have the capacity to decode and restore audio accurately, giving you an audio experience that’s as close to the original recording as possible.

Voice Calls: Clear and Adaptive

Crystal-clear calls are another highlight of these earbuds. The technology incorporates 3+3 microphones with AI Adaptive Environmental Noise Cancellation. This system identifies your voice and actively eliminates background noise, offering clear and uninterruptible conversations. Whether you’re in a bustling café or on a windy street, this feature is designed to ensure your voice comes through with clarity.

Battery Life: Longevity with Flexibility

The W320TN also promises a strong battery life. With just a 10-minute charge, you get an hour of use, which is a convenient feature for those always on the move. The earbuds offer a playtime of 3.5 hours with the ANC on and 14 hours when coupled with the charging case. If you choose to turn off the ANC, these numbers jump to 5.5 hours for the earbuds and a whopping 22 hours with the charging case.

Ergonomics and Additional Features

When it comes to the physical form, the W320TN offers an open-fit, lightweight design aimed at reducing ear pressure. The built-in infra-red wearing detection sensor adds a layer of intelligence, pausing your music and noise cancellation when you remove the earbuds. These earbuds can also be connected to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, which is useful for fast device switching. With an IP54 rating, these earbuds are sweat and splash-proof, making them suitable for gym-goers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Gaming and Latency

For those who game on their mobile devices, the W320TN offers a low latency of 80ms in game mode. This ensures better audio-video synchronisation, which could be crucial in competitive gaming situations.

Price & Availability

Available at £99.99, the Edifier W320TN positions itself in the mid-range market but packs a variety of features that could make it a worthy investment.


The Edifier W320TN offers a blend of smart technology and quality audio output, making it a compelling option for audiophiles, busy professionals, and everyday users alike. With a sturdy build, intelligent features, and a focus on both audio and call quality, these earbuds aim to offer a well-rounded experience.

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