Edifier M13802

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Priced at just £49.99 the Edifier M1380 are well into the budget category for speakers, but they still offer proper 2.1 speakers with a wire remote controller.

The subwoofer is quite large with a decent weight to it. Made of medium density fibreboard it is a downward firing subwoofer with a 5-inch driver.

The sub acts as the main connection between all the components, the power cord comes off it, as do the 2 speakers and controls.

The 2 primary speakers are relatively small and quite attractive, but they do feel quite light. Each satellite features a tweeter unit consisting of magnetically shielded 50mm x 90mm drivers.

The volume controller is a handy addition; it is annoying reaching down to the volume on the sub on my Acoustic Energy M 2 speakers. The 3.5mm jack is a fixed wire that comes from the volume controller itself. I would have liked to have it located on the subwoofer myself, as that is more likely to be closer to my PC and fewer wires on the desk. Ideally, 2 inputs would be great, one on the controller and one on the sub. It isn’t a major issue, though.

Sound quality is good for the price range, the speakers are not going to fill up a decent sized room for a party, once the volume goes up the quality deteriorates quickly (as do all speakers). They just don’t have the power to produce a great sound that is loud. But, if you are sat at your PC and the main speakers are in front you the sound quality is decent, and you can tweak the bass settings to your liking.

Overall, if this is your price range then you will be happy with your purchase, at this price range, I would also recommend giving the Edifier M3280BT a look, as they offer similar performance while adding Bluetooth. If you enjoy music and movies on your PC, I would personally try and stretch my budgets a bit more. While it is a big jump in price, once you get to around the £100 mark there can be some great choices, including speakers from Edifier themselves, such as the Edifier Studio 1280T or Edifier C2X.

You can get the Edifier M1380 speakers today from Amazon for just £49.99

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