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This week we have been checking out the M3280BT Bluetooth speakers from Edifier. Unlike some of the other Bluetooth speakers we have reviewed these are anything but portable and would be more suited for your PC speakers. Priced at £54.99 they are reasonably priced

The main bulk of these speakers comes in the form of the subwoofer, which is huge. It has a 6.5-inch bass driver which has an impressive 20 watts RMS output. There are then 2 satellite speakers which are more reasonably sized which have an 8 watts RMS output. The satellite speakers are very light and don’t exactly feel high quality but at less than £60 this isn’t a major issue.

The subwoofer acts as the main unit, with the speakers all connecting to it, the left speaker using a basic RCA type cable, while the right speaker uses a VGA style connector. This is because the right speaker has the volume controls on it so you don’t have to faff around reaching down to the sub to adjust the sound.

You can connect to the speakers with either Bluetooth or a RCA cable. I mainly stuck to Bluetooth for convenience. Connecting was very simple as with most Bluetooth devices nowadays.

After playing with the treble and bass controls a little bit I managed to get the sound quality to be quite decent. My main concern was the size of the sub vs the lightweight speakers you would end up with tinny treble and overpowered bass, but this is not entirely the case if you keep the settings at reasonable levels. At high volumes the speakers are slightly prone to some tinnyness but I would say this is well within acceptable ranges based on the price.

Overall these are a decent set of speakers. Edifier don’t specifically advertise these as computer speakers but for me this is their perfect application. The Bluetooth is a great addition, it is perfect for parties and don’t want to mess around with having your PC on. Most of the competition in the price range come from brands such as Creative and lack Bluetooth nor do they really offer any better sound quality, so based on this I would definitely recommend the Edifier M3280BT speakers.

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