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With all the flagship Android-based chipsets launched for the year, the next big release will be the Apple Bionic A14 chipset which will launch on the iPhone 12 later this year.

Comparing the Apple chipsets with Android is somewhat of a fruitless exercise because most people are either Apple or Android, who has the best chipset doesn’t really matter.

However, it is always interesting to see how things progress, and Apple has consistently scored much higher than Android chipsets in benchmarks such as the single-core Geekbench.

A new leak has surfaced online that claims to be a Geekbench listing for the A14 chipset which will feature in the iPhone 12 launching in the second half of this year.

Geekbench Results

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The new benchmark indicates a large year on year gain with the latest Apple chipset and this is partly due to the chipset apparently hitting 3Ghz, up 300Mhz from the A13 – I remember my first PC with 1Ghz, and then the first phone with a 1Ghz chipset (Toshiba TG01 with a Snapdragon S1).

The leak Geekbench results have the chipset scoring 1658 points on the single-core and 4612 points multi-core.

That represents a huge jump from the existing Bionic A13 chipset which scores 1329 and 3468 points, representing a jump of 25% for single-core and 33% for the multi-core.

In comparison, the current flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 scores around 925 and 3435 giving Apple a lead of 80% and 34% between single and multi-core performance.

The leak also shows how the new A14 chipset will compare against the  12.9-inch iPad Pro which has an A12X chipset with 8 cores – while this only scores 1110 on a single core, it is not much being on the multi-core with 4568 – though this is with double the cores.

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