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While I am not personally an Apple user, my partner is, she has an iPhone, Watch and AirPods, and she is always trying to find her lightning cable or watch charger.

With us working from home, the Choetech MFi Apple Watch Wireless Charger offers the perfect solution. It is quite a large desktop charger with 4 charging option in one.

For her, she can use the large surface to charge her phone, while the dedicated watch stand keeps her watch running then a small lightning dock for her Airpods.

On top of this, there is a USB port on the rear allowing you to charge an additional device or alternatively power a USB accessory.

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Flat Pack

Not super important, but if you take this around with you, between work and home for example, the watch stand detaches allowing the charger to slip into a bag with ease and not risk getting damaged.

Wireless Charging Specs

Wireless charging is quite slow unless you have some propriety charging with some Android phones. Apple is very slow, so not ideal for a quick charge, but at your work desk or a bedside table, it is excellent.

For all iPhones you get a 7.5W charge, then for Samsung Galaxy devices this goes up to 10W

For other devices, such as the Huawei P30 Pro, other Huawei and Android phones, this drops down to just 5W.


On the bottom of the charger are vents for cooling, during our time with it we haven’t noticed any significant overheating

Price and Alternatives

This is priced at £53.99, which is expensive in my opinion, for a charger. However, multi-wireless chargers are quite expensive in general. Amazon has lots of 3-in-1 devices typically ranging from £30-£40

If you look at the charging docks on Amazon, they are insanely expensive. The mophie dual wireless charging pad is £80, the Belkin Boost Charge 3-in-1 is £120 and the official MagSafe Duo Charger is £129.

So comparatively, the Choetech appears to be well priced.


My partner loves this charger it is ideal for her scenario, and if she is happy, I am happy.

Compared to big brand names like Belkin, this is a bargain, and Choetech are a more reputable brand than a lot of the other random options on Amazon.

For anyone that is committed to the Apple ecosystem, this is an excellent charger.

Choetech MFi Apple Watch Wireless Charger Review Rating


This is a handy desktop charger ideal for the office desk or bedside table. While it doesn’t seem that cheap, it is considerably more affordable than options you will find on the Apple store.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Charges all your Apple devices
  • Cheaper than options on Apple Store


  • Paying £50+ for a charger will always seem expensive to me

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