Thermaltake Tt eSports Shock Pro 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset Review

I have reviewed a LOT of Thermaltake cases recently, so it is nice to get something a little different to try out with the new TteSports Shock Pro 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset. Tt eSPORTS is a relatively new subdivision of Thermaltake focussing on peripherals and accessories for competitive gamers. The Tt eSports Shock Pro 7.1 … Read more

Acer Nitro N50-600 Intel Core i3 GTX 1050 £599.99 Gaming PC Review (N50-600-28)

The Acer N50-600 series of desktops cover a wide range of configurations that mainly focus on the entry to mid-end of the market with the Predator Orion range being the options for the mid to upper end. The Nitro model I have been sent is the N50-600-28 which sits about as low down in the … Read more

Alienware M15 Thin and light Laptop with Coffee Lake & GTX 1070 Plus 4K Launched

The Alienware name is synonymous with gaming laptops and they have been one of the dominant brands for years. The laptops are great but they are a bit on the chubby side, and in the past couple of years we have seen a trend toward thin and semi-light gaming laptops. Razer, MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS and AORUS all have slim models … Read more

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti and 2080 Benchmarks Leak for Final Fantasy XV.

NVIDIA has delayed the press embargo and customer delivery dates for the Nvidia RTX 2080Ti. It is believed the review embargo has only been put back 2 days until tomorrow, Wednesday 19th. In the meantime, some leaks have occurred for the performance of Final Fantasy XV. Before the PC release of Final Fantasy XV, a benchmarking tool was … Read more

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 35% faster than GTX 1080 Ti but 75% more expensive

There has been some speculation that the new range of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 cards cannot perform quite as well as you would hope for a new generation of GPU. The concern was highlighted during a Tomb Raider demo at Gamescom where the ray tracing enabled game could barely manage 30 to 60 frames per second at Full … Read more

E3 Highlights: Cyberpunk 2077, Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield & Fallout 76


Sadly, I don’t have enough time to cover games very often, but it is hard to ignore the biggest games show of the year, E3. There has been a huge number of press conferences and trailer releases already, with lots of games to get excited about, but I have cherry-picked my top 4. Cyberpunk 2077 … Read more

Acer Announces Gaming Predator Helios 500 & 300 Notebooks with Core i9 and GTX 1070

Acer has held an event today launching several new devices with many of them focussing on gaming. This included the launch of two new gaming laptops today, the Predator Helios 500 and 300. The Predator Helios 500 has the latest Intel Core i9 CPUs combined with an overclockable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics. As with most Predator … Read more

The Battle Royale Games for 2018: Fortnite vs PUBG & others


The Battle Royale genre has been around for a while now, with Battle Royale style mods developed back in 2012 for Minecraft, then PlayerUnknown a mod for ARMA 2/DayZ being released in 2013 which later evolved into a standalone game we now know as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG for short. It was the early … Read more

Blue Blackout Spark SL XLR Condenser Microphone Review

Blue are the gold standard when it comes to companies that manufacture microphones; they also have some fantastic headphones.  I think every Youtuber and streamer I know uses their gear. For consumers wanting to up their game from a USB based system to the professional XLR based connection, Blue has released the Spark SL which … Read more

Logitech G Launches New PRO Gaming Headset

Logitech G today announced the Logitech® G PRO Gaming Headset, offering esports-grade audio performance and features for professional and competitive gamers. The newest addition to the Logitech G PRO line-up of professional gaming gear, the Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset is lightweight, strong and extremely comfortable for extended gameplay. It features Logitech G Pro-G drivers for … Read more

Theme Hospital 2 coming in the form of Two Point Hospital

While not officially the 2nd game the developers behind Bullfrog’s beloved 1997 classic Theme Hospital, Two Point, have announced the development of Two Point Hospital. Like its predecessor, the design of the game is very light-hearted with comedic ailments and cartoon looking characters. Many people of my age have fond memories of new 21-year-old Theme … Read more

Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Review

I have covered a few gaming mice now, Logitech, in particular, has allowed me to review some fantastic mice. However today I have a mouse from a relatively unknown brand called Dream Machines. Dream Machines is a relatively new gaming hardware company based in Poland. They produce a range of bespoke gaming laptops similar to … Read more

Nvidia Unveils 65-inch 120Hz, HDR, G-Sync “Big Format Gaming Displays” by Acer, ASUS & HP : CES 2018

In a somewhat unexpected start to CES 2018, Nvidia has teamed up with Acer, ASUS and HP to launch massive 65-inch 4K 120Hz G-Sync HDR monitors. Aptly named Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD) this behemoth display blurs the lines between monitor and TV. Its 65-inch 4K screen can run at 120Hz and uses G-Sync technology … Read more

PC & Console Gaming Christmas Gift Guide 2017 & Yearly Round-Up

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Intro” _builder_version=”3.0.91″ background_layout=”light”] Whether you are a PC gamer, console gamer or part of the hybrid master race it has been an excellent year for gaming. The Switch has arrived and been an enormous success; both the PS4 and Xbox have been updated to new powerful versions allowing for 4K content. Then … Read more

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