OnePlus TV will feature a 55-inch QLED display, MediaTek MT5670 SoC and 3GB RAM

[Update 27/08/2019] HDR specs confirmed by OnePlus With the smartphone market saturated, it appears the next trend is to move into the TV market with both Honor and OnePlus are launching new TVs. Both Honor and OnePlus have defined themselves as affordable alternatives, and it looks like this trend will continue with their TVs. OnePlus … Read more

Huawei Honghu 818 SoC vs Mediatek MT5597 vs MT5596 vs Amlogic S905X vs Tegra X1

With the launch of HarmonyOS on the Honor Vision & Vision Pro TVs, I thought it was worth looking into the chipsets that power these devices. With 4K HDR playback available on most TVs you would expect something relatively beefy powering the underlying SmartOS. Flagship mobiles are currently using the 7nm fabrication process, but most … Read more

Nebra AnyBeam Review – Worlds smallest pocket laser projector.

The Nebra AnyBeam was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter and claims to be the worlds smallest pocket cinema projector. It comes in four options that include various integrations with Raspberry Pi. The four projectors in the range include: Nebra AnyBeam  Standalone device that you can plug your smartphone, Fire stick, chromecast into and stream your entertainment … Read more

Philips Announces 804 and 854 OLED TVs for 2019 with Dolby Vision and Atmos

Philips did not announce anything at CES this year, perhaps to avoid LG and Samsung stealing their thunder. They have just announced the new models for 2019 which should be available within the first half of 2019. Building on the success of its 2018 models – the OLED+ 903 and the OLED 803 – the … Read more

Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV announced with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision & integrated Dolby Atmos speakers : CES 2019

Panasonic has announced its brand new flagship OLED for 2019 the GZ2000 which is the first TV on the market to feature both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision giving you the best all round HDR compatibility. Available in 55-inch and 65-inch models, but at the moment it appears no 77-inch model will be released similar, unlike the … Read more

LG 88-inch 8K OLED with 3.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos audio announced at CES 2019

It wouldn’t be CES without a whole heap of TV tech with each company trying to one up the other. 8K already dominated the TV tech at IFA last year so the trend continues at CES. In order to stand out, LG has announced a new 88-inch 8K OLED panel that produces 3.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos … Read more

Samsung 75-inch 4K Wall & 219-inch Window displayed at CES 2019

Samsung introduced MicroLED technology last year with the customisable Wall TV that was 146-inches. This technology hasn’t entered the market yet, and at IFA in Berlin last year both Samsung and LG were demoing the technology. Samsung is continuing to push this new technology and upping the ante with what they call the Window which … Read more

LG will launch TVs with HDMI 2.1 with support for 120fps & eARC plus new 8K TVs at CES 2019

CES is next week and the hype is building up there are leaks, press releases and teasers aplenty. TV tech is always big at CES and LG has started drip-feeding information about this year’s OLED and LCD TVs. LG have revealed that all of its 2019 OLED TVs and some NanoCell LCD TVs will feature … Read more

Sony AF8 / A8F OLED Review – A amazing TV let down my broken Dolby Vision – KD-65AF8

After coming away impressed with the Panasonic FX50 range, I was hoping to pick up one of the new FZ802B OLED models, but sadly at the time there was no immediate availability and then I was offered a great deal for the Sony Bravia KD65AF8. This year seems to be the year that OLED starts … Read more

British TV company Cello launches 55-inch 4K Ultra HDR10 QLED TV with Android TV for just £799 – C55SFS

You may have not heard of Cello but they are a UK based manufacturer of affordable TVs. Today they announced a new range of TVs built around the QLED similar to what you find on expensive Samsung models. With the 55” model retailing from just £799, this first model in a new QLED range will likely be very … Read more

TV Tech of IFA: 8K, Micro-LED, Flexible OLED, Laser and Full Array TVs

TVs have a significant presence at IFA providing a welcome variety compared to the mobile focussed MWC. After years of waiting for OLED to go mainstream this year finally appears to be the one where we have achieved it. Not only are OLED displays readily available from multiple companies, but the prices are dropping quickly. … Read more

Panasonic TX-49FX750 4K LED TV Review – FX750 / FX780 series with 55 & 65-inch models

I have been a fan of Panasonic TVs since reviewing the 55CR852B back in 2015 and then previewing the immensely popular TX-65DX902B that used full array local dimming for the backlighting. Following the superb DX902B model, Panasonic was the second company to bring OLED to the market and have been nipping at the heels of … Read more

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