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I have reviewed several smart locks now, and I still use the Yale Linus smart lock on my front door and the Ultion smart lock on my backdoor.

The Bold smart lock is a relatively new option on the market that has an attractive design and works a bit differently than competing options

Bold Smart Lock - Keyless Smart Door Lock - Silver (SX-33) Bold Smart Lock - Keyless Smart Door Lock - Silver (SX-33) No ratings yet £167.00


  • 100% Keyless: Convenient to use by phone with our Bold app. Wherever you are.
  • Over 2-years battery
  • Bluetooth with two-factor authentication and additional end-to-end encryption does all the work for you.
    Highest level of security with the SKG*** certification.
  • Duracore makes it impossible for burglars to enter with common methods such as drilling and pulling.
  • Option WiFi bridge allowing remote control of the lock
  • Option clicker to act as a wireless key


The main thing you have to consider with Bold is getting the correct sized lock. There is no adjustable cylinder length like competing options. I have a standard UK style multi point UPVC door and the cylinder itself that measures 55 inside and 45 outside, but the handles add about 15mm. Which meant I needed the SX 53.

Installation is very easy, if you have replaced a cylinder before, it is just the same as that.

You will need to remove your existing cycling, which includes unscrewing the screw that runs into the cylinder.

With the Bold, there is a small hex key that is needed to unscrew the outside knob. With this removed, you can slide the Bold into place, lock the cylinder into place with its screw, reattach the outdoor knob, and that’s it!

One thing that is worth noting. I installed this on my garage turned gym French doors which open outwards. I wasn’t able to do this with the Yale as the lock was so wide I couldn’t close the door. With the Bold, the internal part just skims past the second door.  

Bold Smart Lock Review


You will then need to download the app and sign up for an account.

The Bluetooth pairing up with the lock worked without issue, however I needed to do a firmware update which took a few attempts for it to complete. The first time it got to about 50% and stayed there for 30mins. Then it wouldn’t connect to the lock properly. Eventually, it did connect and went through successfully.

There is no calibration needed.


Bold Smart Lock Review 3

The Bold Smart Locks works quite differently from all the other smart locks I have reviewed. Yale Linus, Ultion/Danalock and Nuki are more like smart key turners. They all allow you to use your old fashioned key as a backup and the device mechanically turns the lock from the inside for smart functionality.

With Bold, there is no motor. You need to manually turn the knob to engage the lock. The smart functionality is that the Bold lock can enable/disable the internal rotating part of the lock.

This means there is no configuration required, and I would assume that there are fewer things to go wrong and less battery usage.

To lock/unlock the door, you need to go into the app and press the lock button. This will give you a time limit to turn the lock before it is disabled again.

If you are inside or leaving your house, you can also press the Bold button on the inside, then quickly leave, lift your handle and turn the lock.

Even though I prefer the reassurance of a physical key as a mechanical backup, I do quite like this approach to a smart lock. The lack of calibration and motors just feels like it is going to be less likely to have problems at some point.

The downsides are that you lose out on some of the automation of other locks. It doesn’t know if the door is left open, and it won’t auto-lock after a certain period of time.

Battery Life

Bold claim over 2 years worth of battery. The inevitable concern is that you won’t notice the low battery notifications, and you will be locked out of your home. With this, there is no emergency access option like the Yale Conexis L1 and obviously no backup key.

Bold states that you’ll get notified in advance if your battery is almost empty. Missed out on all these notifications? That’s ok. It will automatically go into the battery saver mode. This way your battery will last a few weeks longer.

Bold Connect Hub & Clicker

I wasn’t provided with these, so I have not reviewed them. Similar to the Yale Linus, you can expand this system with a WiFi hub which can give you remote access to the hub.

The Clicker allows you to activate your Bold Smart Lock with the click of a button and a twist to turn.

Price and Alternative Options

You can buy the Bold lock from 199-Euros, pricing goes up with the size, so my SX 43 would have cost 209-euros. There is free shipping, but I assume you will be stung with VAT if you import to the UK due to the new Brexit rules.

You can also buy it from Amazon with prices from £195.

The Bold Connect WiFi bridge is £100, and the clickers are around £33

Yale Linus is £200, and you will likely need the adjustable cylinder for £36. The WiFi bridge is £70.

Danalock is just £123, but the Ultion Smart Lock is £259.

Then Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is 149-euros, or the Pro model is 249-euros.


The Bold smart lock is an excellent new option for the market.

I’d say it is the best looking device available right now, the Ultion looks good on the outside, but you still have the massive Danalock component on the inside. For UK homes with multipoint handles, the Yale and Nuki look quite ugly internally as you have to mount them on top of the handle.

The method of locking has some pros and cons, it is not as smart as competing options, but it feels like it will be more reliable than other smart locks that lack the option for a physical key as a backup.

Pricing is reasonable, being in the same ballpark as other good smart locks.  

Bold Smart Lock Review


The Bold smart lock is an excellent new option for the market. It has an attractive design that will work well with most existing hardware. Installation and setup up is easy and the lack of a motor gives this some reassurance that it won’t break on you.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Seems like it will be more reliable than other 100% keyless locks


  • No physical key backup or emergency battery backup
  • Not as smart as competing options

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  1. The inside knob is always connected to the cylinder, the Bold Smart Cylinder is suitable for emergency exit applications.Thanks for providing this useful information

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