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We have had a pleasantly mild winter so far, but with energy prices soaring and the energy price cap likely to go up by 50% in April, many of us may be faced with going to bed in a cold bedroom.

I personally can’t use an electric blanket in bed, but using one in my cold office in the morning before the heating turns on has been transformative.

Electric Fleece / Over blanket vs  Under Blanket / Mattress Topper

The traditional style of electric blanket is an under blanket, which is essentially an electric fitted sheet, this type of blanket has a fitted skirt that clings to the mattress, holding it in place between you and your bed.

This is also the style that will often come with dual-zone heating, allowing one person to have a warm side and the other cooler.

The mattress toppers are essentially the same but are a thicker (normally) foram material that aims to provide increased comfort.

Under blankets tend to be a bit more energy efficient because the heat they emit gets contained under the sheets. However, they are not portable.

I am a big fan of over blankers which are now often advertised as electric throws. These are designed to go directly on top of the blankets on the bed. The fleecy throw styles are also perfect for use outside of the bed either on the couch when working from home. Honestly, they are one of the best investments you can make for a comfortable WFH solution.

However, when used on top of a bed, they won’t be quite as efficient when heating, but they will add an extra layer of insulation to maintain warmth throughout the night.

Electric Blankets and Memory Foam Mattresses

It is generally recommended not to use electric mattress toppers on memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam moulds itself from your body heat, so applying extra heat to the mattress will affect this. My partner uses an electric topper on our Nectar mattress, we don’t use it often but haven’t had any issues yet.

The best electric fleece and under blankets

Cosi Home Luxury Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket

This is not cheap, but it is very well reviewed, and it is what I bought my partner to use on the couch. It is large in a thick, soft fleece which is good for warmth with or without the electric heating. It has a 1-9 hour timer with 9 heat adjustments.

This heated throw is 100% machine washable. Simply unplug the cord and place the throw in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C.

Dreamcatcher Luxurious Electric Heated Throw

Another popular throw style electric blanket, this one is a bit more affordable

The best electric under blankets

Slumberdown Sleepy Nights

This is one of the best-reviewed options on Amazon and from a reputable brand. You have multiple bed size options and a 3-heat or 9-heat option. It is relatively affordable too.

The more expensive 9-heat option has heating for both sides of the bed then options for feet and body.  

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket & Others

Silentnight has to be one of the most reputable names in the game. Silentnight have chosen to merge a bunch of products into one page, this can inflate the number of reviews rather than spread them across multiple product listings.

The Comfort Control is the base model with single zone heating and 3 heat settings.

They then have a  Dual Control Electric Blanket, which does what it says on the box, you have two-sided controls.

The next two, I wouldn’t personally recommend, I don’t think they offer much extra.

They also have a heated foam topper, so it is a thicker material rather than a thin sheet you spread across your mattress.

Then they have the Fleecy Electric Blanket, which is fleecy, as the name suggests. They also state WiFi computability, I was excited at the thought of programming an electric blanket  but it turns out it just includes a smart plug. The controller is a physical dial, and you can make that smart using any smart plug.

Monogram Konnect Smart Heated Mattress Cover

With this being a technology blog and my disappointment at the lack of smarts from the Silentnight Fleecy Electric Blanket, I decided I needed to find a smart electric blanket.

Obviously, this is not cheap, but it allows you to pre-warm your bed anywhere via the app or from another room via Alexa voice commands. Just like smart home heating, you can also set up schedules for it, so you could have it pre-warm your bed for an hour every night.

It will even monitor the electricity used!

As you’d expect at this price, it has 4 heat zones for feat and body on either side of the bed and 9-heat settings in total.

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