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Ever since the year 2021 commenced, we see a good growth of BTC. It has gone on to break all the records as far as the digital currency market is concerned, reaching to its highest of its high. The demand for BTC has gone up, and many of the companies also invested in a big way, and Tesla remains a classic example in this regard as we have seen the company investing 1.5 Billion USD in it. The huge demand for BTC seems to have increased the supply of the same. It is now considered the best option to pay for many things and carry out even some day-to-day shopping and transactions. The huge supply is seen coming up with many people becoming miners, and few mining companies are busy mining the same. This has led to a market cap of 21 Million as of now. Now, the big question is, what if the consumption of BTC reaches the last coin. You need to check the following points, which can be explored on sites like

The big thing to note is that BTCs are already in the market, which are issued already. It came on the market in 2009 by a mystery man, Satoshi Nakamoto. He was the man who mined 21M of BTCs, and that is seen to be mined. This simply means that the miners have no choice of doing things on their own, but they rely on some secured kind of network that further helps in carrying out the transactions. So till now, we could see around 18.5 M of Bitcoin in use in the market, and these are mined and are being used every four years.

Now, the next big question, where the number of bitcoins has been restricted to 21 M only. This is a usual question by many people who have been into digital coins for so many years. The reason points out to Satoshi, who has established a market cap of 21M. The fact is it should not be limited. However, things beyond the supply and demand theory have been pushed in the market too often. As per this theory, one can find things differently.

Now, the big question is, how long is it going to take? One thing is clear; you need to know that BTC mining can give you a lot of benefits and rewards. The technology called Blockchain is behind mining the BTC, and thus when it came in the early days, and the years they have 25 BTC working fine in four years. The reward in this time frame came with 6.25 Bitcoin. This simply means that BTC will keep mining at the best rate that is being worked with the end of the BTC, and it would be seen getting under control by the end of 2140. This seems to have worked a lot in the coming days and then are seen giving the best of the end as per the demand. So Bitcoin is going to help you in understanding the best of the ways about BTC.

Now, the big question is what the miners are going to do with the BTC. Once we see 21 M of BTC being mined, the people trying their fate in this domain called miners can find the best things in the right way to carry out the mining process without gaining BTC. These people can get the block discovery in a big way, and the reward one can find would get the best of the transaction fees.

Now, we need to check the next question that relates to the transaction fees. As we see the miners sorting out the blocks, they add a lot to the Blockchain. They get rewarded a lot with the help of BTC that is seen coming up with the miner fee. The miner’s fees would be much less when we compare the same with the original rewards coming through BTC. If you check the examples of the same, you will get the best of the results.

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