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Most Anticipated Online Games for 2014

2014 is set to be a great year for the video gaming world, with the release of the next generation of video-gaming consoles being released in December: the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Along with the vast improvements and leaps forward in performance, graphics and overall gameplay experience, gaming development companies will be aiming to create the ultimate online experience for most of their flagship video games. Broadband providers will want to extend their fibre optic cabling for next year, given that gamers across the country will be needing ultra-high speed internet for the ultimate online gaming experience....

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AirPlay Compatible iPod/iPhone/iPad Speakers

When iOS 4.2 came out to update your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch it opened the ability for AirPlay functionality. Basically AirPlay was Apple re-branding its AirTunes feature allowing compatible products to stream your media from iTunes through your home network whether it be photos, video or your music from any thing running the supporting operating system. There hasn’t been a mass amount of supporting products but today we have two new docking stations. One is the probably “reasonably priced” JBL On Air and the other a rather odd-looking and expensive Philips Fidelio Soundphere. The JBL is ring shaped to distribute sound and the AirPlay tech allows you to stream your goods to it directly from your iPod/iPad/iPhone or any computer on your network running iTunes. It also has the traditional docking port for people without the AirPlay function and a colour LCD to tell you what’s going on as well as showing Album art too. It also has an FM radio Tuner and alarm clock options too. Sadly JBL haven’t put any release dates or prices as of yet but most of their other products are reasonably priced.   Yes they’re speakers. Looking like something out of a sci-fi movie these certainly are the future of iPod docking stations. Again using the AirPlay function you can hook up your compatible device and stream away. The odd shape isn’t...

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Couple of Budget Phones for you

Ok their not smartphones by any means but Samsung and Nokia have two new budget phones for the pay as you go market, the cheapskates and the technophobes. Smartphones they are not but they certainly do the job of ringing people and texting with the added bonus of some basic features. Firstly we have the Samsung Corby II. 3.14” Touchscreen EDGE connectivity microSD up to 16GB Bluetooth 3.0 WiFi Samsung TouchWiz UI Social Networking Functions As you can see it is pretty basic but obviously the price will reflect it’s lack of “smartness”. Available first in Germany of all places first we should see it appear on our shores soon afterwards although we don’t have a retail price for it just yet. Secondly there’s the Nokia X1-00. Nokia are really good at making the ultra-budget phones and have made some in the past cheaper than anyone else but still with that Nokia build quality you expect from the Finnish mobile makers. This is even more basic than the previous phone however. It doesn’t even have a touchscreen It does have its own stand out features though although i think the market they’re aiming for are the annoying kind that make public transport unbearable Colour screen Series 30 software microSD support to 16GB Speaker on the reverse (increased frequency range so the sound quality is better than your average phone...

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Philips 9000 Smart LED TV

“Fastest LCD screen on the planet” is on its way to us according to Dutch electronics giants Philips which has announced some details on its new 9000 Series Smart LED televisions. It makes you wonder where the line will be drawn at the ever increasing technology in television screens. Back in the old days of CRT screens little happened with them in 20 years in terms of the technology, it was more the design that changed, since the explosion of LCD and Plasma they get better so rapidly. Anyway back to the Philips 9000.   Measures  less than 40mm in thickness Full Active 3D with Full HD Picture Real-Time 2D to 3D conversion 3D Max Technology – High Clarity and Sharpness (can process 2billion pixels per second – wow) 400Hz Clear LCD Panel 0.5 millisecond response time (where the speed comes from) 3D Super Resolution and LED Pro Technology – added brightness, “extreme” contrasts, vivid colours, deeper blacks etc 40W audio soundstage Smart TV – movie rentals, social network access, smartphone control Full screen gaming “either split screen in 2D mode or a 3D mode where each player can simultaneously see his or her view on the entire TV screen.” Sadly there’s no details on the release date or the price of this little number but it certainly looks great and the specs are top drawer so you can...

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Sony NGP : PSP2 to you and me

I’ve steered clear so far of any news about the PSP2 or the NGP as Sony call it (Next Generation Portable) until there was some solid info on the units themselves and when a “reliable” release date was issued, well here it is. Lets face it the PSP could’ve been the cat’s pyjamas but fell due the overwhelming popularity of the Nintendo DS with its strong games catalogue, innovative controls and general niceness that only Nintendo could bring. Despite it's abilities it just couldn’t nail that “boys toy” market. Home consoles were still the be all and end all and portable gaming just weren’t in if you were between 16 and 40 (therefore not wanting to play kids games or Brain Training). The PSP was promising though. It did plenty and had it’s own format (UMD) but Sony ditched that for the PSPGo which sadly did even worse than the PSP with UMD capabilities. Now mobile gaming is back at an all time high with the mobile phone technology getting exponentially better that the games on them are increasing in ability so how can Sony deliver with a new portable games console especially when its trying to nail the mobile phone games market with its own Playstation branded mobile phone. Hopefully with the NGP is how. Certainly on paper its got all the potential to be great but that’ll...

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