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Today, Aqara have announced their latest affordable Zigbee hub, the USB-Powered Hub E1.

Hub E1 is Aqara’s smallest hub so far, and it serves as the control centre for a wide range of the classic and the latest Aqara accessories, connecting up 128 child devices. The new hub is available on the Aqara Amazon brand stores in the US, Canada, the UK and France.

You can get a 10% discount off this new hub by using the code HUBE1EUUK for the UK and French Amazon stores or USCAE1E1 for the US and Canada.

The Aqara Hub E1 features a compact design and high installation flexibility. With a size of 4.25″ X 1.18″ X 0.3″ and a weight of merely 58 grams, the new hub is not much bigger than an average USB flash drive. A regular USB-A port is integrated into the hub’s housing, hence the new hub could be powered from almost any USB-equipped devices, for example, wall outlets, power strips, PCs, power banks and even Wi-Fi routers. Combined with the 210° adjustable shaft angle, the E1 hub could be placed flexibly.

The E1 hub also offers all-round compatibility, and it exposes the connected Aqara child devices to a majority of popular ecosystems and voice assistants, such as HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Alice, and Marusya. Moreover, the Hub E1 could act as a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi repeater, so that users could enjoy a better experience with an optimized Wi-Fi network.

All 4 native HomeKit alarm modes are supported by the E1 hub. Once configured, users will receive mobile phone notifications when there is a risk to home security, for example when human motion is detected unexpectedly, or when the door/window is opened unexpectedly. For users deploying different Aqara hubs within the same network, sirens for other Aqara hubs will also be triggered in such cases.

I currently have the Hub E1 in for review and this should be live in the next week or so.

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