Aqara LED Strip T1

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Aqara, a prominent figure in the smart home sector, has unveiled its innovative RGBCCT lightstrip named the LED Strip T1 for worldwide consumers. This product is a landmark for the company, marking its first smart lighting solution that enjoys widespread availability across several continents. The LED Strip T1 isn’t just a visual treat, displaying a breathtaking palette of up to 16 million colours, but also boasts tunable white accent lighting capabilities. Furthermore, it’s designed for effortless integration with a multitude of third-party smart home systems.

Currently, potential buyers can find this new light strip on Aqara’s dedicated Amazon storefronts in North America (including the US and Canada) and Europe (spanning countries like France, Italy, Spain, and the UK). Moreover, selected Aqara retailers across the globe are also showcasing this product.

In celebration of the launch, Aqara offers a 10% discount for the LED Strip T1 on its Amazon brand stores, and the promo codes and product links are as following. The offer is valid through August 17. 

  • North American stores: USCASTRIP (applicable to Amazon US & Canada) ​ 
  • European stores: LEDSTRIPEU ​(applicable to Amazon France, Italy, Spain & UK

The technology underpinning the LED Strip T1 is the Zigbee protocol. This ensures that the lightstrip consumes notably less power when idle compared to its Wi-Fi counterparts, reinforcing its credentials as both environmentally-friendly and economical. A notable bonus is its capability to double up as a Zigbee network repeater, enhancing the network’s dependability and speed. The lightstrip, when paired with a compatible Aqara hub such as the Hub M2, endorses the emerging IoT standard known as Matter. It’s also compatible with renowned platforms like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, accepting commands from the majority of voice assistants.

The LED Strip T1 comes with a length of approximately 2 meters (or roughly 6.6 feet). However, those seeking a bit more length can use the company’s 1-meter extension kit, pushing its maximum reach to about 10 meters (or 33 feet). For those who prefer a bespoke setup, the lightstrip can be trimmed every 20 centimetres (around 7.9 inches). Any removed segments are not rendered obsolete; they can be reattached to another Aqara LED lightstrip with the aid of standard 5-core ribbon cables and 5-pin connectors.

A unique feature of the LED Strip T1 is its independently addressable RGB effects with 20-centimetre intervals. This means it can portray up to 10 distinctive colours simultaneously, with capabilities for dimming and applying various effects. The accompanying Aqara Home app is packed with a range of preset and dynamic lighting effects, granting users the liberty to mould the lighting to their tastes. All these options can be harmoniously embedded into home automation setups and scenarios, further deepening the integration of smart lighting within a cohesive smart home environment.

Users can leverage the LED strip’s versatility, for instance, by pairing it with a home alert system. This could involve employing specific colours or patterns to signify the security system’s status or the presence of potential risks. There’s room for creativity too, as users might craft unique home ambiances, from a cosy evening setup with warm tones to a cinematic mode with dimmed illumination to elevate movie nights. A recent enhancement to the Aqara Home app allows these user-defined scenes to be synchronised with HomeKit7, letting users operate them through third-party applications such as Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home.

The LED Strip T1 also features:

  • An intuitive manual controller: This physical switch offers quick access, enabling users to toggle the light, cycle through modes, and activate a music sync feature without needing a mobile device.
  • Local music synchronisation: The LED Strip T1 can rhythmically adjust to the beat of music, independent of a mobile connection.
  • Circadian lighting: Aligning with Apple Home’s Adaptive Lighting, users can also tailor their circadian lighting patterns using the Aqara Home app.
  • Built for the outdoors: With an IP44 rating, the LED Strip T1 is resistant to both dust and moisture, making it a fit choice for certain external applications.

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