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This is very much a rumour, so take it with a pinch of salt, there is growing speculation that the new AMD Radeon Navi 10 cards may launch at E3 2019 which starts on the 11th of June.

This is part of a rumour that AMD’s Navi graphics architecture will be discussed at Computex 2019 and showcased at E3.

We know that Navi graphics cards will launch in Q3 2019 with pricing that is lower than AMD’s existing Radeon VII graphics card. TweakTown has reported that one of the cards will be the RX 3080 XT, which will cost $330.

The AMD RX 3080 XT is said to offer performance levels that are similar to Nvidia’s RTX 2070, a $500+ graphics card.

The GPU is believed to ship with a 190W TDP, and 56 compute units. Recently leaked PCBs suggest that the graphics card will arrive with 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit memory bus. 

I am sceptical of the pricing or performance claims, I can’t think of any graphics card release in recent times that has offered such a large difference in price and performance between each company. There is normally a caveat somewhere, but it is not impossible, the Ryzen CPUs have shaken up the CPU market, and I hope Navi will do the same. If it is true, I will almost certainly by the RX 3080 XT myself, even though I don’t particularly need a new GPU.

A previous leak from TweakTown indicated that the RX 3090 XT for $499 in 2020. Again I am sceptical of this, as it presumably offered far superior performance than the RTX 2070 while being around the same price.

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