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When people think about saving money in every possible way, they usually think about how much they can cut down on how they eat, how much they shop, and even how much electricity they use in a month. Even though technology somehow slips under the “saving money” radar, we live in a society where the colossal tech companies spend billions of dollars to convince the public that everyone needs to purchase the latest flagship device to keep up with the newest software and hardware on the market. And people can’t seem to live without electronics these days. 

Well, the truth is that many of the electronic devices and gadgets we use daily are more or less based on designs that have been around for ten years now. This means that it’s pretty much pointless to buy the latest smartphone when it’s fundamentally the same as the one before it. 

The latest electronic devices and gadgets are fantastic for social networking and entertainment, but they are usually very expensive. With the average selling price for a smartphone in the USA being at $567, with an average upgrade cycle of 32 months, the valuation company Flipsy says that the average person will purchase around 22 smartphones and spend approximately $75,000 (plans and app purchases included) on their phones throughout their lives. That’s some number, isn’t it?

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Thankfully, consumers can save some money on their electronic devices and avoid going into debt if they keep a couple of tips and tricks in mind. For anyone that finds electronics and electronic gadgets way too expensive, here are our five expert tips for saving serious money.

Always Search For The Best Deals 

No matter what you’re buying, thorough research is an essential part of the process. Check for both physical store retailers and online shops. Always have in mind that the prices of electronics online are frequently lower than in physical stores. Even more, browse for your favourite electronic devices on online shopping catalogues providing credit accounts if you need the freedom to purchase what you immediately need without having to wait until you actually have the money. Whenever you take out credit it is worth knowing your rights such as can bailiffs take my belongings for someone else’s debt.

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Search through several different sites in a matter of minutes and make price comparisons. Consider your desired product’s features and accessories required to keep it in good condition as well. There are many smartphone apps that can help you with price comparison and guide you to the lowest prices possible for your desired device. Do your homework and conduct thorough research to find exactly what you need at the best possible price.

Look Into Refurbished Devices

If you’re interested in saving a decent amount of money through a single purchase, consider buying a refurbished electronic device from a reliable carrier. Nowadays, there are trustworthy online services that offer fully-refurbished tablets, mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other electronic devices and gadgets with a three-year warranty and customer-friendly return policies with full refund options.

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Besides online, you can also search for excellent deals on refurbished electronics into regular electronics stores, as they usually display refurbished items right next to the new ones. Although the idea of a device rebuilt makes people feel uncertain, the fact is that all problems that the device once had are entirely resolved, and the device is as good as new, except the price for an item like this is remarkably lower. If you want to save a lot of money on a single purchase, consider buying a refurbished mobile phone or tablet!

Great Timing Is Essential 

Particular times of the year are superior to others for buying electronic devices and gadgets. For instance, January is the month for buying TVs and complementary electronics as they usually go on sale as the Super Bowl approaches in early February. 

Another prime time for a buying spree of electronics is November when there are massive Black Friday sales that sometimes continue into December. Search for the best Black Friday deals and save a ton on pretty much all kinds of electronic devices and appliances. Many retailers also offer special sales deals in mid-July to boost summer sales, so this is another good time of the year to get out and buy your desired items.

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Trade-In Or Sell Your Old Electronics 

In case you’re upgrading devices that you already own, don’t forget to get rid of the old version of the device and get some money to offset the cost. Many mobile phone providers also offer a trade-in program that gives you an account credit when you upgrade to the latest model. 

Highly depending on your old phone’s age and condition, the account credit could make a decent dent in the purchase price. Another popular option for electronic devices and gadgets is to sell your old device on your own if you don’t plan on using it anymore. This way, you might get more out of the device than the trade-in value you will get.

Always Consider What You Really Need 

Nowadays, it’s kind of easy to get sucked into the hype on the latest and most expensive electronic devices, but all those extra features often aren’t essential. You might discover that all those additional features that sound amazing on the commercial are things that you won’t use that often. Also, sometimes the more features a device offers, the more potential it has for something to go wrong, making it way more expensive with part replacements and other repairs. 

Always consider what features of the device you genuinely need and will use regularly. If you find yourself sweating over the item’s fancy features, think about how necessary or practical those features are to have a satisfactory device experience. If you believe you can enjoy the device just as much without those extra features, maybe you shouldn’t spend a fortune on the latest version of the device and enjoy an older and cheaper version.

Final Words 

The tips mentioned above are based on the experience of experts who work in the electronics retail industry. These five tips are tried, tested, and proven to be beneficial. Follow the experts’ advice, follow their directions, and keep your eyes wide open for any deals and offers both online and offline. We wish you a successful electronics shopping!

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