IMOU Ranger IQ Review

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Is your house full of valuable items, or live in an area that has a higher crime rate than usual? An indoor camera can give you the peace of mind that you deserve when you are away from home. No crook dares to steal in front of a camera. Most of them will run away without committing further offences once they know that someone is watching. In the case someone has successfully broken into your house and stole your valuables or done any other crime, the footage from your indoor camera can help in the investigation that might follow. 

An indoor security cam is a worthwhile investment. There are so many types and brands of indoor security cams. Knowing the best option for you can be a challenge. In this post, we will be reviewing the Imou Ranger Pro camera. Read till the end to find out what are its great features, weaknesses, and whether it is worth investing in it. 


Product features

1. The pan and tilt 

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Imou Ranger Pro camera is packed with well-executed features that make it the best solution for indoor home security. What is amazing about this camera is not just the fact that it is super easy to install and use, but it also has a powerful pan & tilt function that gives you 360° coverage. It has a 0-355 degrees pan and 0-90 degrees tilt that limits blind spots. You can use the app to pan and tilt the camera to view every corner of the room. 

2. Two-way talk 

The Imou Ranger Pro camera has an inbuilt speaker and microphone. Its mic has noise cancellation features that make it sensitive enough to capture normal speaking voice in the room while filtering the background noise. The speaker is loud enough such that people won’t be struggling to listen to what you are saying. The two-way talk function, combined with its high-quality video stream, makes you feel like you are in the same room with this camera.

3. Smart tracking and immediate alerts

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The Imou Ranger Pro camera pushes real-time notifications to your smartphone as soon as it detects motion in the room. The camera offers more than just motion detection. It has plenty of customization options where you can set it to detect humans only and ignore other moving objects in the room. That keeps you aware of what is happening back at home when you are out for holiday or work without triggering false alerts. It also uses advanced tracking algorithms to focus and follow moving objects or people in the room, which allows you to capture all the action so that you can get detailed information about any event that will happen when you are not at home.

4. Connectivity

The camera supports both WiFi and LAN connectivity. WiFi or wireless connectivity is to give you flexible installation, while the LAN or wired connectivity gives you a better footage transmission. You also need to note that it supports 2.5 GHz WiFi only. If you have a 5.0 GHz WiFi, you should connect it to your router using a LAN cable. If you are using a WiFi connection and experiencing footage transmission lag, buying a WiFi extender might be the best solution, especially if the camera is far from the WiFi transmitter. 

5. Privacy mask

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You don’t need an indoor security camera that will expose your privacy. The Imou Ranger Pro camera gives you an option to hide the lens when you are at home. You can stop the camera from recording when you are at home by just tapping on the app. All that you need is to activate the camera again when you are getting out of the house.

6. Diversified storage

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You can store the videos and images it records in a micro SD card. It does not come with an SD card, but it has an SD card slot at the back. It supports up to 128GB SD cards. For larger storage requirements, you can use a network video recorder (NVR). You can also use IMOU Cloud to store your videos. Imou Cloud is the safest option since it uses financial level encryption to protect your data. The cloud storage is free for one month.

7. 1080P FHD

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The Imou camera has high-quality sensors that will give you crystal clear live video and recording. The video quality is top-notch. You will not be struggling to watch blurry images and recordings with this camera.

8. It works with Alexa

The Imou camera is the best option for people who want a fully connected home (smart home). Apart from the free app that is available for both iOS and Android, the Imou Ranger Pro camera also works with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT. You can make your home a smart home by controlling the Imou cameras in different rooms with your voice on Alexa devices. You can view the Imou camera on screen by just saying something simple like “Alexa, show me the hallway camera”.

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