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After years of not reviewing a bike computer, I am on my third in a little over a month.

Recently I reviewed the excellent Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2. I also reviewed the Mio Cyclo Discover Pal, which is not as good, but has some unique features that will appeal to leisure cyclists.

The problem with those two GPS bike computers is that they are quite expensive. Even though I am very fit and enjoy cycling, I am very much a fair-weather cyclist. Spending hundreds on a Garmin Edge or similar seems like a frivolous use of my money when I already have a Garmin Fenix 6 pro, which I use to track all my activities. The Fenix has basic navigation built in, but it is not ideal for cycling.

The Beeline Velo 2 could be the perfect solution. This is an incredibly affordable GPS bike computer with built-in navigation. It doesn’t do much apart from basic tracking and navigation, but that’s all I need, really.

Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2 | Wireless Global... Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2 | Wireless Global... No ratings yet £99.99Amazon Prime

Specification / Features

Beeline Velo 2 Bike Computer Review2

  • Plan unlimited routes using Beeline Smart Routing.
  • Import a favourite route from other planners via GPX.
  • Access your Strava routes.
  • Monitor all key live metrics during your rides, including:
    • Speed
    • Average speed
    • Distance accrued
    • Distance remaining, time remaining and ETA
  • Superfast USB-C charging: Get 30% charge (over 2 hours riding) from empty in 20 minutes.
  • 11 hours battery life and 18 months standby: Take on big events knowing that Velo 2 will get you home.
  • Weather sealed: Our RockerTop button technology keeps out whatever the elements throw at you.
  • Super compact: the IPS LCD 32mm screen lets you de-clutter your bars whilst keeping a crisp and clear interface for navigation and tracking. Its compact size and universal mount are perfect for any handlebar or stem.


For mapping, you can import routes from the likes of Strava, or you can create your own route within the app.

It is not perfect, but it generally works well.

With the built-in routing, it will route you based on what it thinks you should do. I had some mixed results with this, but the problems I experienced seemed to be limited to when I was on Maui, and I have had no problems in the UK.

In Maui, I wanted to do the west Maui loop, which circles around Mauna Kahalawai. This should go down the Honoapiilani Highway, but no matter what I did, it refused to choose that route.

As I write this, trying to route from the Grand Wailea resort heading up the east side of the mountain, the computer plots the most bizarre route.

However, I haven’t experienced this issue with other locations. Plotting routes in my hometown, it works perfectly. Maybe the mapping for Maui is just broken.

The alternative option is to import your routes. You can either manually import a GPX file, or if you have connected Strava, you can import a route created on that platform.

I have read other reviews stating that importing from Strava doesn’t always work properly. However, I haven’t experienced any issues when importing my own routes.

When I imported my Maui route from Strava, it plotted the route perfectly, though there are not exactly a lot of roads for it to get confused with.

When I imported a more local route, it almost plots it perfectly. On a 68 km route, there seems to be two spots where it deviates. It seems to get confused at a roundabout and then another spot where it seems to route down an alternative road. The plotted route is down a busy road, but the Beeline plots it down a quiet road that runs parallel.


The device itself is basic. You plot everything and start the activity via the app. The Velo 2 just gives you the basic navigation features and some stats.

The map is simple, but it is functional. You have a black and white map, and all that it shows you are the upcoming section, the turns you need to make and how far until you reach. This worked perfectly well for me, I used it on some short rides in Sonoma to find a local bar to eat at, and it was extremely useful.

Similarly, when I am home, I only really need basic navigation. I know roughly where I am going; I just need reminding when to turn.

The computer will auto-stop/start, so you don’t have to mess around with pausing activities if you want to keep your stats impressive for Strava.

Once you finish the ride, you get some basic stats. It is not the most insightful, but you can upload directly to Stava to gain access to a superior amount of data.


Overlaying my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro and the Beeline track shows that the Beeline occasionally strays off course with the GPS, but in general it is quite good and especially considering the price point.

Price and Alternative Options

Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2 | Wireless Global... Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2 | Wireless Global... No ratings yet £99.99Amazon Prime

The Beeline Velo 2 has an RRP of £100, which makes it one of the cheapest bike computers on the market and, I think, the cheapest bike computer with navigation.

During Black Friday, the Velo 2 has been priced at £85.

The Garmin Edge 530 is probably the best alternative option. It is a far superior bike computer with a better display, pairing with various sensors and much more. The RRP is more than double the Velo 2, but during Black Friday, it has been as low as £160, which I think is a great deal but still nearly double the price as the Velo 2 Black Friday deal.

The ageing MIO Cyclo 210 is perhaps a good alternative option. The on-device map is superior thanks to a bigger display and colour screen. However, this also costs about 65% more at around £165.  


I really like the Beeline Velo 2, and it works well for my personal requirements. The main selling point is the price. There is nothing competing at this price point.

I have my Fenix 6 Pro to track my fitness. I just want some basic mapping features when I am out on my bike. I am too much of a fair weather cyclist to invest hundreds into a fancy Garmin Edge bike computer.

Not everybody is a stats-obsessed athlete, and it will work well for casual cyclists and commuters that just want some basic navigation feature.

Beeline Velo 2 Bike Computer Review Rating


I really like the Beeline Velo 2, and it works well for my personal requirements. The main selling point is the price. There is nothing competing at this price point.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Incredibly affordable navigation for cycling
  • Good overall performance


  • Mapping can sometimes be temperamental
  • No sensor pairing

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