Mimiq FinestraMiner Helium Crypto Miner Hotspot Launches – Uses direct windowpane mounting for user-friendly installation

The range of Helium hotspots is gradually increasing, thankfully. While many users are still waiting on backorders of their Nebra and Rak hotspots, new brands such as Bobcat and SyncroB.it have managed to fulfil orders much faster. Demand is still high, though, and all brands have a relatively long lead time for delivery. The latest … Read more

Nacon MG-X Review – Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller for Android Phones [Xbox Game Pass on Mobile]

Portable gaming is booming, the Nintendo Switch shows no sign of slowing sales, Steam is launching the Steam Deck, and mobile gaming has been massive for years. Cloud gaming has also gained significant traction, and thanks to our massive phones, 5G data and fibre Internet, it seems like a perfect time to convert your mobile … Read more

The impact of technological progress on online casinos in Australia

Technological advancement or technological development if you prefer has a huge impact on online casinos. This is something we are going to discuss right now. As you can assume, online casino gambling is advancing and developing as we speak. New technologies are becoming part of our lives and they modify everything. When it comes to … Read more

7 Essential Steps of Web Project QA Testing

Quality assurance is a costly process, and you should allocate only your leftover budget to it, right?  Wrong.  Developers who bug test their web applications after the deployment of the final product are in for an unpleasant surprise. The relative cost of fixing a software issue in a post-deployment stage is 15 times higher than … Read more

512 Audio Skylight Review – XLR fixed cardioid microphone perfect for streaming & upgrading your USB microphone

A new brand called 512 Audio launched two new XLR microphones last month, the Skylight and Limelight. The new microphones have been developed by the team from Warm Audio, an award-winning audio company what have developed classic-inspired microphones, preamps, guitar pedals and more Both microphones retail for £189.99. The Limelight has a has a hypercardioid  … Read more

The Most Anticipated Online Casino Technology in 2021

Many industry analysts and experts have been proven right in their predictions about the growth and innovation of the online gambling industry. Of course, many anticipated this development of the industry. There’s an emerging pattern wherein older and more traditional businesses are now making huge efforts to shift to a more digital-friendly service. This is … Read more

Cleer Roam NC Review – TWS Earbuds with ANC, aptX, and IP rated for just £60

I have been impressed with all the headphones and earbuds I have reviewed from Cleer so far, they are big on features and performance while being low on price. The Cleer Ally Plus II are still one of my go-to pairs of earphones for both fitness and general walking around. The Cleer Roam NC is … Read more

Google Pixel 6 in use 50MP Samsung GN1 camera vs 12MP sensor used on Pixel 5, 4, 3 & 2

Google has been using the same 12.2 MP camera sensor on the Pixel phones since the Pixel 2. However, year after year, it has been regarded one of the best Android phones for its camera performance, which goes to show the importance of software processing. However, sooner or later, they had to upgrade the sensor. … Read more

Sound Blaster Katana V2 vs BlasterX Katana – Creative’s new £299 soundbar comes with a bigger subwoofer & better connectivity

A couple of days ago, Creative announced the new Sound Blaster Katana V2 soundbar which is their new flagship gaming soundbar with Super X-Fi Headphone Holography and more. This will sit above the existing BlasterX Katana, but below the home theatre orientated £900 Dolby Atmos Creative SXFI Carrier, which I somehow didn’t realise existing until … Read more

How To Build Your Perfect PC

What constitutes the perfect personal computer? A lightning-fast processor? More RAM than you can shake a stick at? Or the most powerful graphics card money can buy? The answer is simple: it depends on what you use the PC for. There are a plethora of options for every computer component. It is essential to choose … Read more

Some Exciting Things You Can Do with A VPN

The Covid-19 outbreak has locked us indoors, and millions are working from home. This change has made installing a VPN more crucial than ever before. It keeps you protected from hackers by hiding your IP address and encrypting the connection between your device and the internet. It ensures the safety of employers and workers by … Read more

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