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The Covid-19 outbreak has locked us indoors, and millions are working from home. This change has made installing a VPN more crucial than ever before. It keeps you protected from hackers by hiding your IP address and encrypting the connection between your device and the internet.

It ensures the safety of employers and workers by locking down and securing the connection between the two. A VPN also allows you to surf the internet discreetly, a convenient feature considering that incidents of our privacy being invaded are rising. Thus, it is an essential tool for any netizen.

Apart from protecting your security and privacy, there’s a lot more you can do by installing a VPN. Read on as we share the details.

Streaming blocked content

Getting unhindered access to streaming portals and gaming content is one of the primary motivations behind a VPN. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime charge you subscription fees to view their content, while the BBC charges you a license fee.

Isn’t it frustrating when you are denied access to them despite paying for these services while traveling? Access may be blocked entirely, or you may find access to a local version that doesn’t show your favorite content. A VPN connects you to a server in the host country of the streaming service, making sure that you aren’t denied access to the content you love.

Protection of your identity and personal information

Your online security can be greatly enhanced when you use a VPN. Many people might still not know the security risks they are left vulnerable to when they use free Wi-Fi at places like coffee shops, malls, hotels, and other public places.

Did you know that free Wi-Fi is quite dangerous? Most of these hotspots offer no encryption. What does this mean? Well, nothing about your internet activities will be encrypted. And if you stumble upon unprotected websites, everything you submit is up for grabs. Thus, a VPN performs internet traffic encryption you need. Then, network managers won’t be able to see what you do while connected. The same applies to snoopy bystanders attempting to intercept your communications.

Fighting stalking and harassment

Hiding your real location online has become a necessity. After all, online harassment is a pressing issue that is difficult to solve. The situation can intensify if the perpetrators learn your approximate whereabouts. And while you can be vigilant enough to never reveal your location, the internet might not work in your favor. Our IP address gives away our approximate location, and it could help malicious individuals find out where you are. A VPN masks your IP address. Thus, no one, not even websites, will be able to pinpoint your whereabouts.

Speed up your internet by preventing throttling

Internet service providers can throttle customer web traffic. This causes the internet speed to drop significantly below the advertised speed. It happens mostly when you perform some activity using high bandwidth.

Your internet traffic may be categorized into the throttle and don’t throttle by your ISP. A VPN with strong encryptions prevents your ISP from being able to read your online traffic, which makes sure that it can’t separate your traffic into tunnels with high and slow speeds. Your ISP is therefore compelled to route all your online traffic without any slowing down.

Bypass site blocking and censorship

While some countries block you from file-sharing sites, there are some that heavily censor what their citizens can access online. To block you from accessing websites, your ISP could need to intercept the DNS queries. A Virtual Private Network is capable of overcoming geo-restrictions and giving you access to the open internet. You can, therefore, download a VPN to unblock the site you wish to see, be it a streaming service or a news provider.

Beat price discrimination

People in some regions are bound to pay more than others. This frequently unfair pricing might be based on previous research or the evaluation of how much citizens in certain countries can pay. However, it might also depend on individual decisions (from companies or governments). Thus, it is no surprise that many deem price discrimination unethical and protest against it. A VPN could help you find better deals or coupons that elevate your opportunities to purchase goods.


With incidents of data breaches and cybercrime rising, installing a Virtual Private Network has become all the more important. A VPN, therefore, dramatically boosts your online privacy and security by hiding your IP address. You can also bypass regional restrictions on certain streaming services and avoid slowing down your internet speed by your ISP with a VPN. It’s a handy tool to have for a better and more secure internet experience. You will not only enjoy quality protection, but will be able to reap additional benefits it offers.

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