Netgear Insight WAX610 Indoor & WAX610Y Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Cloud Managed Access Point Review

I first reviewed the cloud-managed Netgear Insight GC110P POE switch back in 2018, I have subsequently reviewed the more powerful GC510PP POE switch and WAC505 Wi-Fi 5 access point. So far, I have been impressed with their gear, the hardware is affordable, and the Netgear Insight system is user friendly, allowing people without extensive networking … Read more

TerraMaster F8-422 8-Bay 10GbE NAS with Intel quad-core Intel J3455 Launched & 15% off on Boxing Day

TerraMaster has expanded their 10GbE NAS range with its largest offering yet, the 8-bay F8-422. While this has twice the number of drives bays as the TerraMaster F4-422 I previously reviewed, the overall hardware specification is almost identical, the one exception being this has 8GB of RAM installed compared to 4GB. Currently the TerraMaster F8-422 … Read more

How to improve WI-Fi signal for gaming: Reduce ping & latency causing lag on PS5 & Xbox Series X

Between next-gen consoles, new GPUs and the covid pandemic, gaming has gone massive this year. At the same time, in the UK, our broadband speeds are finally getting decent (dependant on location). Many people now have access to 500Mbps or even synchronous 1Gbps connections. However, if your home network is reliant on Wi-Fi it can … Read more

Final Audio VR3000 Gaming Earphones Review – Wired in-ear earphones ideal for console gaming and VR

Final Audio are a Japanese brand specialising in headphones and earphones. Even though they are not a massive brand name like Sennheiser, their product catalogue is exhaustive, covering price points to accommodate all budgets. In-ear, options appear to range from as low as £30 going up to £2K for the Final A8000, while the over-ear … Read more

Official Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Antutu Benchmarks show big gains vs Apple A14, Kirin 9000 & SD865+

Yesterday a leak came out to indicate the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S21 vs the Apple iPhone 12, which I believed to be a fake. Now Qualcomm has provided their official numbers for the Snapdragon 888 across several benchmarks which give us the first real indication of how powerful flagship Android phones in 2021 … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Antutu Benchmark Leak – Random Stuff 2 video is very likely a fake

With the  Samsung Galaxy S21 launching in the next couple of months, the leaks and rumours are in full force. Normally by launch, there have been enough leaks to know almost everything about a phone, but a lot of the leaks will be fake with users trying to get views or followers. A new leak … Read more

A Step-By-Step Guide On How to Downgrade from macOS Big Sur to Catalina

While it is filled with lots of exciting features and improvements, the new version of macOS recently released by Apple, Big Sur, has its drawbacks. The primary one is that it has a heavy capacity, which slows down the system’s performance. Due to this, many people downgraded their Macbook devices to the preceding version, Catalina. … Read more

Christmas Gift Guide for Gamers

Getting a Christmas gift for a gamer can be a tad tricky. ‘I don’t need nothing. I live in the game, man.’ Not a lot of help when you’re trying to find something they’ll really appreciate. So, if you’ve been scratching your head, wondering what on earth you could possibly get them, then check out … Read more

Best Mobile Games to Play over Christmas

With Christmas a week away, this year is going to be very different than usual. Normally from this weekend until new year my time is filled up with parties, catching up with friends, family, and just generally eating a drinking constantly. The Christmas break this year risks becoming extremely boring and not being able to … Read more

Huawei shows off its Health Lab with 10,900 hours of running data used to make its wearables

Not really newsworthy but some insight into what goes into the development of Huawei fitness wearables such as the GT2 Pro and GT 2e. Huawei has just launched its Health Lab, which includes an experimental smart wearable product testing area and a sports health innovation area. Within the experimental smart wearable product testing area,  engineers … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 vs Snapdragon 675 Compared – Qualcomm’s incremental upgrade has Xiaomi written all over it.

Qualcomm has, very quietly, just launched the new Snapdragon 678. The new chipset isn’t particularily newsworthy, unlike their most recent flagship Snapdragon 888. At best, it is an incremental upgrade to the existing popular mid-range Snapdragon 675. The changes are so small that sounds similar to the Snapdragon 768G vs 765G, which was exclusively used … Read more

Razer Blade Stealth 13″ Review – A 13″ 1.5kg portable powerhouse capable of playing Cyberpunk 2077 [Intel i7-1065G7 & Nvidia GTX 1650Ti]

The Razer Blade Stealth 13″ wasn’t traditionally a gaming laptop, going back to the 2018 model it featured the Nvidia GeForce MX150, while capable of some gaming it would struggle with any AAA games. However, last year Razer introduced the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 giving it much more gaming chops. The 2020 models then upgraded … Read more

Best gaming laptops that can play Cyberpunk 2077 at recommended or high settings

Cyberpunk 2077 is the most hyped game in years and has become the fastest-selling game even with 8m pre-orders across all platforms. However, it has also been plagued with performance issues, in particular on last-gen consoles. The situation is so bad, apparently Sony a offering refunds to unhappy gamers on the PS4. PC gamers can … Read more

Earfun Free Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review – Another superb cheap TWS earbud but don’t buy them for the active noise cancelling + 20% discount code

EarFun have released a lot of earphones this year; they have all been good to excellent; all of them offering excellent value for money. The Earfun Free Pro is the latest entry to their product line-up, they are a touch cheaper than the Earfun Air Pro I reviewed back in October, and they adopt a … Read more