BMW i5 EV x XREAL Air 2

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XREAL, formerly known as Nreal, made a splash at CES 2024 this week, unveiling an array of high-profile partnerships and innovative demonstrations to showcase the future of spatial computing and augmented reality (AR).

Strategic Partnerships Across Industries

The AR glasses leader announced collaborations with major players in auto, tech and entertainment, including BMW, Qualcomm Technologies, NIO, Quintar and Forma Vision.

XREAL founder Peng Jin emphasized the company’s commitment to bringing AR experiences to broader audiences through strategic alignments with sector leaders.

“Our CES 2024 partners are leading in their respective fields, just as XREAL is the leader in spatial computing and AR glasses,” Jin said. “I can’t wait for CES attendees to experience everything we’ve created together.”

Multi-Year Collaboration with Qualcomm

Qualcomm x XREAL

One key partnership announced was a multi-year joint effort between XREAL and Qualcomm Technologies focusing on smart glasses powered by 5G and AI.

The tech giants are teaming up to enable cutting-edge spatial computing use cases across areas like fitness, sports and artificial intelligence.

BMW Demos Next-Gen In-Vehicle AR

XREAL has also joined forces with automaker BMW to prototype augmented reality experiences aimed at enhancing future in-car systems.

BMW is showcasing the integration using XREAL’s Air 2 glasses to overlay navigation prompts, hazard alerts, charging station info and other graphics onto the real-world driving environment.

“In partnership with XREAL, we have made substantial progress in bringing AR into the BMW driving experience,” said BMW executive Peter Lehnert.

NIO Showcases Passenger Entertainment AR


Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO, a long-time XREAL ally, unveiled an in-car entertainment concept leveraging AR glasses to deliver an immersive cinematic experience for passengers, reducing dependency on built-in screens.

NIO is exhibiting its ES8 SUV equipped with the jointly developed glasses offering a 130-inch virtual display and spatial sound system.

Quintar Demos Sports Viewing AR

Spatial computing company Quintar joined forces with XREAL to demonstrate how sports fans may someday use AR glasses to enjoy an enhanced and personalized at-home viewing experience — with real-time stats and graphics overlaid onto live games.

Forma Vision Shows Next-Gen Video Calls

Software maker Forma Vision created a proof-of-concept holographic conferencing application for XREAL’s glasses that takes remote meetings to the next level using volumetric video.

Conference call participants wearing the AR headsets can view life-like 3D representations of remote attendees from different angles, taking video collaboration closer to an in-person experience.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra Targets Developers

Beyond the partner demos, XREAL unveiled its own next-generation spatial computing glasses, the XREAL Air 2 Ultra, offering advanced capabilities aimed at developers — seemingly positioned to compete with Apple and Meta’s high-end AR headsets.

Sales Momentum Across Product Lineup

The company also highlighted impressive 2023 sales growth of 320% to ship 350,000 AR glasses globally last year.

XREAL now holds over half the burgeoning AR glasses market thanks to the popularity of its consumer-focused Air lineup.

With the slew of announcements and demonstrations at CES 2024, XREAL continues to generate buzz and cement its status as an industry leader driving mass adoption of augmented reality technology through strategic partnerships across key sectors.

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