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Smartphones are increasingly becoming a basic need in our day to day lives. Well, primarily, the telephone was invented for the purpose of communication. However, in the modern world, a phone is more than just a communication device.

Smartphones serve a wide range of purposes in our lives. Some people basically work on their smartphones. With access to the internet, smartphones are the most widely used research terminals. Besides that, smartphones can be likened to personal assistants. They enable you to keep time, save reminders for various appointments and act as a record keeping tool.

But what happens when that smartphone that you highly depend has a problem? Your world basically crumbling in your eyes. It almost drives you out of your mind. You are locked out of your social world, you are at the risk of losing important files you probably saved on the phone; it’s just horrible.

Sometimes you opt to get a replacement for your phone. Repairing the phone may seem to be such a hard task. But do you know how easy it is to repair your own smartphone by yourself? Buckle up as I take you through why and how you can fix your smartphone.

It is cost effective

Buying a new phone to replace your broken phone will cost you almost as much us you paid to get the original phone. This is financially straining to you. Fixing your damaged phone will only cost you a fraction of it.

This is because you only need to buy just a small part to replace what is worn out. It costs far much less to buy the spare parts by yourself than trusting a cell phone repair company to make the purchase on your behalf.

A cell phone repair shop will try to make a profit on the part by reselling it to you at a higher price. According to reseller iparts4u uk, it is far much cheaper to obtain replaceable parts and repair your phone on your own as compared to contacting the phone dealer for repairs. Phone repairers also charge you for the labour put into repairing the phone in addition to the time spent on it. So why not do it all on own?

You, however, need to be careful when buying the accessories you need. There are a lot of counterfeit parts in the market. If you are looking to make a purchase, you need to be sure about the store you are buying from. Check on customer reviews and see what other buyers think about the seller’s products.

It saves time

Repair shops are probably some of the busiest business units out there. Every time you take a phone for repair, you have to wait for days or even weeks to have your phone back. Considering how vital a phone is in your daily life, you wouldn’t want to wait that long.

The situation gets even worse when your phone has to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair purposes. Sometimes, the issue that requires repair is so small that it is probably not worth the wait.

Take for instance, your charging port is not functioning; do you really have to ship the phone back to the manufacturer? You can easily fix it on your own. All you need to do is purchase a replacement from a genuine store, get the required tools, find a trustable online repair guide and get to work.


How sure are you that you can trust your repairman? Considering the large number of phones they have to repair within a specified period of time, it is a possibility that they will just rush over your phone and not pay attention to it.

In the process, they could mess up with something else and develop an even bigger problem. In some cases, dishonest repairmen may take off parts that you probably won’t notice from your phone and sell them to other customers as spare parts.

The most popular issue is fixing your phone with counterfeit parts. They can do this to maximize on their profits by avoiding to buy high quality spares that would cost a higher price. You can easily keep away from such shenanigans by simply choosing to repair your own phone.

Invalid warranties


Sometimes your phone can develop an issue after the warranty period has elapsed. In such a case, you can not take advantage of a free repair service from the seller or manufacturer of the phone. The responsibility to repair the phone is left solely upon you.

If you don’t have an insurance cover for your phone or you can’t afford to pay someone to fix it, then you have to do it on your own. You just have to get the required parts and be keen on the repair process to ensure the phone works.

Refurbished replacements

The majority of the phone companies offer as a replacement for spoilt phones are basically refurbished products. They are not as new as they look. From my experience, refurbished products end up developing a lot of complications as time goes by.

So why not just repair your smartphone instead of going for a refurbished one? A refurbished phone will probably just result in a series of a lot more problems that will require a lot of finances to rectify. You wouldn’t want to deal with such.

Repairing your own smartphone definitely saves you a whole lot of trouble. But you have to be careful if you are doing it on your own. First of all, make sure you know what exactly is wrong with your phone. If it is something you can’t handle, it is advisable to seek professional assistance

If you are certain that you can handle the issue, then do so with great accuracy and precision. Follow instructions on how to go about it to the latter. You can ask for some help from someone you trust. Ensure that during the repair process, you don’t ruin something else unintentionally.

Also, generally take care of your phone. Avoid placing it on cold surfaces such as the floor, using wrong chargers or putting it at the risk of falling. This is to avoid the need to repair your phone. Remember, your smartphone is an important component of your life.

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