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The Wahoo KICKR ROLLR launched last year, and I am not sure it didn’t launch with native virtual cycling integration to start with.

Instead, anyone wanting to ride in RGT or Zwift had to use a separate power meter, which significantly adds to the cost, with the Favero Assioma Uno being about one of the cheapest, costing around £400.

Thankfully, Wahoo has finally fixed the problem, and KICKR ROLLR can now connect to virtual platforms Wahoo RGT and Zwift without the requirement for a power meter.


I would assume that the power readings from the KICKR ROLLR won’t be quite as accurate as the direct drive KICKR smart trainer. The press release doesn’t state accuracy, I would guess that this is prone to the same problems as wheel-on trainers. Wahoo state that KICKR SNAP has a +/- 3% power accuracy, whereas the direct drive KICKR smart trainer is +/- 1% power accuracy, or the more affordable CORE is +/- 2%.

In reality, the accuracy shouldn’t matter too much. If you are a competitive indoor cyclist or serious outdoor cyclist, you will likely already have a proper power meter.

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I have not used the ROLLR, but it is an innovative and appealing product that makes riding on a roller easier thanks to the front wheel being stabilised. It is then considerably easier than a wheel-on or direct-drive smart trainer to mount and dismount your bike. Many people claim it takes just a few seconds. This, therefore, makes the ROLLR an ideal solution for anyone that rides outdoors predominantly but wants the flexibility to ride indoors when needed. Like normal rollers, this has a more natural ride feel than smart trainers, as you will get some natural sway when riding.


Full Press Release

Released early in 2022, the KICKR ROLLR now connects to virtual platforms Wahoo RGT and Zwift, without the requirement for a power meter – making it easier for more people to access virtual riding. This new functionality will enable more riders to enjoy the fun and excitement of virtual riding.  

The unique design of the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR makes transitioning from outdoor to indoor cycling incredibly fast and easy –  simply secure your bike on the ROLLR and ride – there is no need to remove your rear wheel, making it more convenient to train indoors or out. KICKR ROLLR’s convenient design also makes it perfect for multi-bike households and first time indoor cyclists. 

KICKR ROLLR provides controlled resistance in level, ERG and simulated modes without the use of an external power meter – so users can benefit from the full virtual indoor cycling experience.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR comes with a free trial to Wahoo X, giving you immediate access to two completely unique indoor cycling apps, Wahoo SYSTM and RGT through one subscription. Wahoo SYSTM offers a sport science based personalised training plan to help you achieve your goals. It also offers cross-training workouts and yoga to benefit your all-round fitness. Wahoo RGT is a realistic virtual world where you can ride some of the most famous routes in global cycling. 

KICKR ROLLR is compatible with the KICKR range of training accessories, including the KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan and KICKR Desk, allowing you to build the ideal setup for your indoor cycling needs.

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