BenQ GV30 Portable Projector Review – How does it compare vs the Nebula Capsule II

I have reviewed a few projectors over the past few years. Recently these have been affordable full-size projectors such as the Yaber V10 or Vamvo L6200. They get the job done, but you get what you pay for and are not the best overall experience. I have also revied a couple of pico projectors such … Read more

Heyup Boxe is a portable 1080P smart projector available on Kickstarter for £169 that looks like a Among Us, party game

Portable projectors have become popular in recent years, allowing people to have big-screen movie nights without a gigantic projector in your living room. The Heyup Boxe is an affordable projector that can easily compete with much more expensive models, and appears to have a design inspired by the Among Us, party game. Specification Native 1080P … Read more