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Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-I 8MP Acusense turret IP camera Review – Colour Night Vision CCTV with AI detection

Most of the CCTV / home surveillance reviews I have done have been for affordable consumer products. However, after being impressed with the night time performance of the H.View HV-500G2V5 5MP colour night vision camera and installing BlueIris, I have become a little obsessed with wanting to upgrade my cameras. The Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-I is one of the latest cameras for the world biggest name in the industry. The G2 at the end of the product number gives away the generation. I will preface this review by saying if you are running BlueIris, then you probably don't need the generation...

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Canary Flex Review – Wirefree Outdoor Smart CCTV Score 70%

Canary Flex Review – Wirefree Outdoor Smart CCTV

Following my review of the excellent Blink XT, I was quite excited to try out the Canary Flex. Priced at £199 it is a premium looking product with some promising features that could justify the extra cost over the Blink XT or the identical cost of the Netgear Arlo. The device itself is quite attractive as far as security cameras go, and it has a nice weighty feel, the overall build quality is far superior to the Blink. Unlike Blink and Arlo the Canary uses a built-in lithium-ion battery and can be used in wired or wire-free mode. Having...

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EZVIZ Husky Bullet 720P C3C PoE Review Score 85%

EZVIZ Husky Bullet 720P C3C PoE Review

I previously reviewed the EZVIZ Husky Bullet EZ-C3S-WIFI which I loved enough to start using as one of my main cameras at my home. That was the 1080P version with WiFi that is priced at around £120 and will be available from ezviz.co.uk any day now. Based my great first impressions I was curious to try some of the other EZVIZ products, and they kindly supplied me with the lower cost C3C – PoE to review. This is extremely similar to the last camera but instead of WiFi I decided to try out PoE and the reduced price is...

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Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I IP CCTV Review Score 89%

Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I IP CCTV Review

Following our review of the excellent Ezviz Husky, I decided to try and find some alternatives at a similar price point. Hikvision cameras were my immediate choice as they are the company that makes Ezviz and what’s more their cameras are fully compatible with the Ezviz software and cloud platform. As I do not currently have an NVR I needed a camera that could support a microSD card, and I needed/wanted it to have a better specification than the 1080p Ezviz camera. This led me to the Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I 2.8 mm dome camera which is available on Amazon for...

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Ezviz Husky Bullet EZ-C3S-WIFI Outdoor Wifi IPCCTV Camera Review Score 88%

Ezviz Husky Bullet EZ-C3S-WIFI Outdoor Wifi IPCCTV Camera Review

Continuing our reviews of IP CCTV cameras, we have recently been sent the Ezviz EZ-C3S-WIFI which is an outdoor WiFI CCTV camera. This is more of a traditional style setup rather than some of the completely wireless options that have been reviewed recently. Ezviz is a relatively unknown brand to us but the cameras are produced by Hikvision which is one of the leading IPCCTV companies in the business. The sales blurb for the camera is: EZVIZ products have been designed for your entertainment, communication, security. When you install the EZVIZ APP on your smartphone or tablet, EZVIZ devices...

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