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I previously reviewed the EZVIZ Husky Bullet EZ-C3S-WIFI which I loved enough to start using as one of my main cameras at my home. That was the 1080P version with WiFi that is priced at around £120 and will be available from ezviz.co.uk any day now.

Based my great first impressions I was curious to try some of the other EZVIZ products, and they kindly supplied me with the lower cost C3C – PoE to review. This is extremely similar to the last camera but instead of WiFi I decided to try out PoE and the reduced price is due to it being a 720P camera instead of FullHD.

Other specifications include:

  • Support Micro SD card slot, up to 128GB
  • True Day/Night, auto switch, in-fra-Red support up to 98.4ft(30 meters)
  • Image Sensor : 1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS
  • 1 Megapixel with a 2.8mm 114°(Diagonal) 92°(Horizontal) lens
  • Self-adaptive shutter
  • Max: 25fps (1280 × 720), 50HZ Self-Adaptive

Set up is extremely simple, though obviously, you can’t use the WiFi set up for this model. The easiest method I find is to use EZVIZ studio on the PC and add the device that way. Once the device is plugged in EZVIZ studio can automatically detect the camera, you then just need to type in the passcode found on the camera itself, change the passcode and set some date/time settings. That’s it. All done in under a couple of minutes.

Out of the box, the settings seem to work great, there is a lot less faffing around getting a good picture than the Hikvision I previously reviewed. Everything is just the same as the C3S I previously reviewed, so you can install a MicroSD card and have everything recording locally, no need for an NVR.

What I have managed to try with this model, and also the C3S since my review is the new cloud storage feature. You can sign up for a 30-day trial without having to input any payment details. The pricing will be £4.99 for 7 days and £9.99 for 30 days. I believe that is per camera, as I had to sign up each camera for 2 separate trials.

The cloud storage works but uploads events to the server rather than a continuous recording. This is ideal as I don’t want my network being bogged down with constant uploads. The user interface for the cloud recording is excellent, and I prefer to the way the local recording works, you have a sort of film strip of events, then select it and it will play. From my mobile, it plays pretty much immediately, and I have an option to download the event to my device.

In comparison with local recording you sort of scroll to events, which are marked with (general) little orange lines. Loading up the videos is a lot slower too and this can take a couple of seconds to display.

Downloading videos and images are quite simple, you can do it to your phone or PC, and I have attached a video sample below. Please forgive the mess of my back garden, we are renovating.


670092216 1 20170316T175515Z
Sample image capture

Also, IFTTT integration should be launching soon, so you will be able to integrate the cameras into a full home automation system if you wish.

Priced at £94.99 you save around £25 compared to the 1080P bullet models (C3S-WiFi & C3S-PoE) and performance is more than adequate for most users. Dependant on where you are putting the camera, I’d be tempted to spend a little extra for the better model. So, for example, I have the C3S pointing at my front door, while the C3C is relegated to my back garden which is secured with a locked gate and big wall.

I also personally would strongly recommend PoE over WiFI. You have to get power to the camera via a cable regardless, so I feel like WiFi is a bit moot, whereas with a POE install you still only need one cable but you will get far better network performance.

Whichever model you choose, EZVIZ seems like a fantastic company to use for affordable IPCCTV installations. The EZVIZ software is superb meaning you don’t have to buy additional software or spend ages setting it up. The cameras are well configured out of the box, so the only difficult thing is the physical mounting of the cameras, which all CCTV system will require.

You will be able to buy the EZVIZ Husky Bullet 720P C3C PoE shortly from www.ezviz.co.uk for £94.99

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