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OK, I will admit, a review of a drill is stretching the tech theme a little, but recently Tacklife got in touch about review one of their products. They are owned by the popular Aukey brand who sell some excellent mobile accessories including plenty of excellent power banks.

I am awful at DIY, and I do my best to avoid it where possible, but there are only so many times you can pester friends and family to help you. I have recently been reviewing a lot of Wi-Fi access points, as well as POE CCTV cameras, and I have finally decided to mount these properly on walls/ceilings and therefore I needed something a little more suited to the task than my Leatherman.

The Tacklife 18v drill fits this bill perfectly, at a little under £80 it does not hurt the wallet too much. Looking at DeWALT you would be paying around £100 for the drill only. This comes with the drill a spare 2000mAh Lithium lon battery, carry case and 34pc accessory box.

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I am not going to say this is better than a DeWALT, but for your casual DIYer then it is an appealing option.

This sits at the top of the Tacklife cordless drill range and is 18v with a 2-speed gearbox going up to 1600 RPM and capable of 35N.m torque. The torque is on the low side compared to DeWALT with the DCD778D1T capable of 65Nm, but again, very different price. It does, however, have a higher toque than other well known but cheap brands like Black and Decker.

Tacklife PCD04B 3

This uses a keyless self-locking spindle so it is easier to makes swapping out bits quicker and easier.

As an added bonus you get an LED light, which is handy in low light situations. I actually used this in the loft which has no lights so it was quite useful.

The drill itself feels well made and sturdy there is not much to do when it comes to setting up a drill, I charge the spare battery fully and swapped them over, then unscrewed the chuck easily and use the appropriate bit for the job.

Tacklife PCD04B 2

With the two-speed gear setting and variable torque settings, you can vary the power for the specific job. For me this varied from drilling into ceiling plasterboard, screwing, and also drilling into the mortar so I can mount my cameras. I didn’t bother trying to drill into the Accrington brick with this being more suited to a hammer drill.

I was concerned that the lower torque vs DeWALT equivalent might make this struggle with some of the more taxing jobs, but so far it has handled everything with ease.

The quality of the bits seems to be excellent too. I am always tight-fisted with DIY purchases and whenever I have bought screws heads or drill bits they just end up shredded.


I am quite impressed with this, it has done much better than my previous cheap drills and is flexible enough to do all the small jobs I need without me having to bother friends and family.

The extra battery and quality accessories are what helps this stand out from a competitive market of affordable power tools on Amazon.

Tacklife PCD04B 18v cordless electric drill review


An affordable drill with all the accessories you need, perfect for casual DIYers

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  • Overall - 80%

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