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Following our review of the excellent 1MORE E1001 earphones, we have been sent a sample of the Brainwavs B200 earphones/IEMs.

Brainwavs are another relatively new Chinese brands producing high-quality audio products at affordable prices. All their earphones seem to be well received on Amazon, and they are also very popular on enthusiast forums such as Head-Fi.

At around £160 the B200 IEM is quite expensive compared to a lot of earphones we have reviewed in the past, but also cheap compared to established audio brands such as Etymotic where you will be paying closer to £300.

The official blurb from Brainwavs states:

The Brainwavz B200 earphones are designed for high performance and comfort in mind. This dual driver earphone has been tuned to produce a balanced and accurate sound signature, with little to no colouring in the sound, listen to your music as the artist intended it to be heard. The B200 over the ear design and small form factor allow for a comfortable and ergonomic fit.

The B200 is an audiophile grade, high-performance earphone that is suitable for most genres of music.


  • Balanced audiophile grade sound
  • Dual balanced armature, tweeter & woofer configuration
  • Ergonomic over the ear design for comfortable fit.


Unlike the 1MORE earphones I reviewed recently, it appears that Brainwavs have opted to keep things simple. The packaging and build of these is all basic but functional. They come in a standard cardboard sleeve, with a carry pouch which includes different sized ear tips including some comply foam tips.

One thing I noticed with the Brainwaves was the very narrow ear canal section where the tip mounts, this means it you can’t use any old ear tip with them. So if you lose the ones provided you will have to buy more.  

The earphones themselves are all black plastic and the cable is also just a plastic sheath, no braiding. They do not include any form of remote on the cable which is a blessing for me as I always find this is a weak spot when wearing them for exercise. Overall the build quality is good, but time will tell how they hold up.

This is the first pair of earphones that I have reviewed that go over your ear and then into it. While it is more fiddly to put on they are significantly more comfortable to wear that any other earphone I have used. Because they have avoided using fancy metal housing to make them look pretty the earphones themselves are extremely light and fit snuggly in my ear. Combined with the over ear design I get pretty much no movement from them regardless of what I am doing. This is a massive plus point for me as it is extremely annoying adjusting earphones all the time. Also, it is important to get a good fit for the sound quality. I also found that because they fit so well the passive noise cancellation is far superior to any other earphone I have used in the past.

As with most high-end audio, these are not bass monsters, they are designed to be quite neutral and they are. I found the bass to be less than the 1MORE earphones and this will be due to the dual armature vs triple armature with a dynamic bass driver. They excel in the mids not being too shouty and everything being perfectly clear. There is no harshness to the highs either and overall they perform really well with acoustic and vocal songs.

Overall these are great earphones, they are not really catering to the masses both in terms of the price and bass, but for readers that describe themselves as audiophiles then these are superb. In particular, I loved the comfort and passive noise cancelling, which makes them great earphones to wear for long periods of time.

The Brainwavs B200 are available directly from for £154.00

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