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It is not the best time of the year to be reviewing a heated blanket, but with the cost of electricity and gas, heated blankets are one of the best buys you can make in the colder weather. My partner and I used our plug-in heated blankets extensively during winter, which helps keep heating costs down.

Stoov is a bit different from the plug-in blankets that are popular on Amazon. Their product range consists of heated blankets and cushions, and these are all battery-powered, giving you much more flexibility where you can use it.

I was sent the Big Hug XL, which is a cordless heating blanket with infrared technology and a rechargeable battery. It comes in two variations, the original, which I was sent, and the woolly, which has a sherpa/sheepskin style material.

Stoov Big Hug Original Heat Pad - Infrared Heating... Stoov Big Hug Original Heat Pad - Infrared Heating... No ratings yet £139.99


  • Heat source: 2x 16x23cm 9W FIR carbon fiber with overheat protection
  • Heat levels: 34ºC / 38ºC / 42ºC (@20ºC)
  • Battery: Li-Ion 10.8V – 2600mAh or 4500 mAh
  • Dimensions inner cushion: 40×135 cm
  • Weight: 1500g
  • Outer cover material: 80% Polyester / 20% Acrylic


Huge Hug XL Grey
Original Grey

The original is the classic in our fabric collection: the fabric is made of high-quality, recyclable synthetic fibres (Polyester, Acrylic). The fabric is pleasantly soft, wrinkle-free and retains its pure beauty even after intensive use.

There is then a woolly option which has a structure reminiscent of a sheepskin and has a woolly feel. The Woolly is made of recyclable synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic). This makes it wear-resistant and fluff-free, and easy to clean.

Huge Hug XL Woolly White
Woolly White


I wouldn’t normally cover the washing instructions of a  product, but this is battery-powered, after all. You can wash the outer cover, but you shouldn’t wash the inner pad (with the heating elements) and obviously, don’t wash the battery.

Battery / Charging / Controls

Stoov Big Hug Cordless Heating Blanket Review Battery

The battery fits into the pocket at the top of the blanket, and the zip running down the back allows you to easily fit and remove it. It has a relatively long cable which then attaches to the charge port and locks into place so you don’t accidentally disconnect it when in use.

Stoov Big Hug Cordless Heating Blanket Review Charging

One of the first things I thought when I started to charge the battery was that this could do with a spare battery, allowing you to swap them over to charge. Stoov does sell a replacement battery; however, due to the way the battery clicks into the connector, you can’t charge it externally as the DC plug doesn’t fit into the hole properly.

As far as battery life goes, I would estimate the 1.5 to 3 hours of heat figure is correct. Due to the warm weather, I haven’t had much need to use this for extended periods of time, but I have used it for maybe an hour a couple of times when I sat outside without needing to recharge.

This is designed with safety in mind, there is built-in overheating protection, and it will switch off automatically.

Design / In Use

Stoov Big Hug Cordless Heating Blanket Review

The design of this is less like a blanket and more of a seat cover, but I think it works perfectly like this.

During colder months, I normally sit on a plug-in electric throw on my office chair, but it just flops over the sides and gets caught on things. With this, it fits perfectly, covering the seat and back. The battery holder is thoughtfully placed at the top of the blanket so this hangs over the back of the chair, avoiding the discomfort of sitting on it.

The control button and charging port are also conveniently located to the right and halfway down the blanket, so I do not have to shuffle around to find the controls.

The blanket seems to have two heating elements, and the part where you are sat on provides the most warmth. The element in the back feels like it is a bit lower down and perhaps could do with being elongated to provide move coverage.

Even though it has been too warm to use regularly in my office, I have found myself using it in the garden quite a bit. While the weather has been warm, it gets a bit chilly in the evening, and this is ideal for taking the edge off the chill if you want to continue enjoying sitting outside.

My partner was looking for a heated car seat cover during the colder months, and most of these have poor reviews. The Stoov Big Hug is a perfect alternative and will almost certainly live in her car in the winter months.

Price and Alternative Options

Stoov Big Hug Original Heat Pad - Infrared Heating... Stoov Big Hug Original Heat Pad - Infrared Heating... No ratings yet £139.99

The Stoov Big Hug has dimensions of 40×110 cm, and the original design costs £119.95, while the woolly model is £129.95

You then have the  Stoov Big Hug XL, which is £129.99 and £139.99, respectively.

It is then possible to buy these with a larger battery which will extend the life to between 3 and 6 hours, and this costs an additional £20.

Stoov also sells a range of heated pillows and a cordless electric bottle.

You can buy the range of products from Stoov directly.

There is very little competition out there. The handful of options on Amazon has such bad reviews I refuse to list them.

The.Plaid by Nikki.Amsterdam seems to be the best alternative option. This is a throw-style blanket with a soft fleece material that measures 150 x 130 cm. It uses a powerbank for power, and the included powerbank has 20000mAh, which they claim gives 10 hours of heat. The powerbank fits inside a pocket in the blanket, but I would it still seems like it would be prone to getting disconnected easily. This then has three heat settings going from  35˚C to 45˚C. This blanket is priced at €149, which works out at £129, and this excludes shipping costs/VAT. For UK buyers, this would end up being €168.95 (£145.62).


The Stoov Big Hug is an excellent cordless heated blanket mainly due to the fact is one of the only decent options out there.

While Stoov is positioning this as a product to save energy and, therefore, money, it does feel more like a luxury product, considering there are cheaper ways to reduce your heating costs.

If you want a heated blanket for your couch or bed, then a plug-in option would likely be a better buy, as they are much cheaper and provide more heat.

If you need the flexibility of a cordless blanket, this is the way to go.

Stoov Big Hug Cordless Heating Blanket Review Rating


The high price makes it a bit of a luxury item, but I love being able to continue sitting outside and staying warm as it gets cooler in the evening. This will almost certainly be used extensively in the winter months for my partners’ cars.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Thoughtfully designed & works well when being sat on
  • Cordless heat with a decent battery life


  • Expensive compared to the plug-in alternatives

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