Sound Blaster Katana SE

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Creative has added to their family of Katana soundbars with the Katana SE. Unlike the existing Katana soundbars, this does not include a subwoofer. Instead, Creative has equipped this with much larger 109 mm (4.3”) mid-range drivers vs the 63 mm (2.5″) drivers on the other models. This should allow the soundbar to achieve excellent lows without the need for an additional subwoofer.

Additionally, Creative has increased the size of the tweets to 54 mm (2.1”) vs 19 mm (0.75″), which will likely help balance out the new mid-range drivers.

Beyond that, it is largely similar to the well-reviewed Sound Blaster Katana V2. You have the same excellent range of connectivity with: Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI ARC, Optical-in, AUX-in, USB-C and SXFI-Out.

The HDMI ARC connectivity makes this a good pairing for TV and consoles, but it will excel for PC gaming. The Katana SE works with the Creative App, which provides you with a wide range of features, including the ability to tweak the RGB lighting, change the EQ and enable CrystalVoice, which significantly improves audio quality from the microphone.

Sound Blaster Katana SE with soundblaster app

You also have all the features you expect from a Sound Blaster Katana speaker, including the Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine, Super X-Fi, and SXFI BATTLE Mode.

Just like the other Katana soundbars, this is capable of 5.1 virtual surround engineered for the ultimate movie and gaming experience.

The Sound Blaster Katana SE is available now for £299 direct from Creative.

Creative Katana Soundbar Comparison

Full Press Release

Creative Technology has announced the release of the Sound Blaster Katana SE, the latest gaming soundbar to join the ranks of the well-established Katana series, which now allows users to effortlessly enjoy powerful audio without the heft. With its award-winning bi-amplified four-driver system and Creative’s proprietary multi-core DSP, this latest soundbar can offer rich and powerful audio with excellent clarity and volume, even without the need for a subwoofer. Coupled with Super X-Fi technology, 5.1 virtual surround capabilities, and versatile connectivity options, the Sound Blaster Katana SE is the ideal soundbar for gamers, movie lovers, and music enthusiasts who want an elevated audio experience without compromising on space or audio quality.

The Sound Blaster Katana SE offers a seamless yet powerful audio solution for users looking to take their audio game up a notch. Fitted with 0.75″ fabric dome tweeters that help to produce cleaner and more refined highs and upgraded dual up-firing 3″ mid-bass drivers that deliver full-sounding bass, this latest soundbar surpasses expectations to deliver an impressive audio experience that belies its size. Like its predecessor, the Sound Blaster Katana SE is also a certified Dolby Audio decoder, which allows users to easily recreate the cinematic audio experience within the comfort of their own homes.

What sets the Sound Blaster Katana SE apart is its Super X-Fi technology, which allows users to enjoy an immersive audio experience through their headphones, perfect for late-night game binges without disturbing the neighbors. Moreover, gamers can also activate the SXFI Battle Mode and Scout Mode to gain a competitive advantage in FPS games by accurately pinpointing their enemy’s location with enhanced in-battle audio cues and sound detection. 

By connecting the soundbar to the Creative app, users can personalize their audio experience with the Acoustic Engine suite and choose their preferred RGB illumination modes, making it uniquely their own. These customized settings can be saved as profiles on either the app or the programmable buttons on the remote control, giving users easy access to their favourite sound and lighting configurations. Furthermore, the soundbar can be easily mounted on the wall, making it a convenient and space-saving addition to any home entertainment setup.

The latest soundbar also works as a one-stop audio hub with a wide variety of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI ARC, optical port, headphone jack, and wireless Bluetooth 5.0. It also works with various platforms, from gaming consoles such as the PS5, PS4, Xbox series consoles, and Nintendo Switch to PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. The all-in-one soundbar also features a built-in beamforming microphone, which allows users to jump on calls directly from the soundbar, making it an ideal feature for video conferencing.

Lastly, this all-in-one soundbar enriches the Katana Series by presenting a more comprehensive line-up of audio solutions to cater to diverse use cases, making it easier for users to find the perfect fit for their audio needs. 

Sound Blaster Katana SE is priced at UK£299.99, US$299.99, EU€329.99 and is available at 

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