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In the world of music streaming services, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer are among the top contenders. Each platform offers a unique set of features, pricing options, and audio quality settings.

Over time, many of these streaming services have increased in price. Back in July 2023, in the UK the price of subscriptions rose by £1 a month to £10.99 for an individual plan, £14.99 for a premium duo plan and £17.99 for a family plan.

I have personally used Spotify for years and was paying for a Duo plan, but with the cost of living going up, I have been exploring ways to reduce my costs.

Based on the UK pricing, Spotify still works out as one of the best choices, but there are ways of reducing the costs.

Some people will often subscribe to the service using a VPN to change the location of where they are subscribing. This can be highly effective at reducing your cost, but many of these services are clamping down on this exploit. I know that many people subscribed to Tidal via Argentina, but they have recently announced that they will cancel accounts using non-Agentinian credit cards.

4 Months Free Amazon Music Unlimited

If you are a Prime member, you can claim four months free Amazon Music Unlimited, with the offer running until Thursday 12th of October.

Spotify vs Amazon Music vs Tidal vs Deezer vs YouTube Music Comparison Table

FeatureAmazon MusicSpotifyTidalDeezerYouTube Music
Number of Tracks75 million70 million80 million73 million70 million
Audio Quality SettingsUp to 850 kbpsUp to 320 kbpsUp to 1411 kbpsUp to 320 kbpsUp to 256 kbps
Free Tier AvailableYesYesNoYesYes
Individual Plan Price£9.99/month for Prime£10.99/month£10.99 / month
£19.99 / month
Family Plan Price£17.99/month£17.99/month £16.99 / month
£29.99 / month
Student Price£5.99£5.99£4.99 / month
£9.99 / month
Duo PriceN/A£14.99N/AN/AN/A
VPN Discount PossibleNo?YesNoUnsureYes
Discount Offer4 months free30 days30 days30 days30 days

Number of Tracks

Amazon Music: With over 75 million songs, Amazon Music offers a wide array of genres and artists, making it a versatile choice for music lovers.

Spotify: Offering around 70 million tracks, Spotify is known for its diverse range of playlists and artist collaborations.

Tidal: Leading the pack with 80 million tracks, Tidal offers an extensive library that includes exclusive releases and artist-owned content.

Deezer: With 73 million tracks, Deezer holds its own against the competition, offering a personalised playlist feature called “Flow.”

YouTube Music: Matching Spotify, YouTube Music also offers around 70 million tracks. However, it stands out for its extensive collection of music videos and live performances.

Audio Quality Settings

Amazon Music: Amazon Music offers audio quality up to 850 kbps. For audiophiles, Amazon Music HD provides lossless audio.

Spotify: Offering audio quality up to 320 kbps, Spotify provides a balanced experience suitable for most listeners.

Tidal: With audio quality up to 1411 kbps in its HiFi tier, Tidal is the go-to platform for audiophiles.

Deezer: Like Spotify, Deezer offers audio quality up to 320 kbps and also provides a HiFi tier for lossless audio.

YouTube Music: YouTube Music offers audio quality up to 256 kbps, which is slightly lower than its competitors but still provides a decent listening experience.


Amazon Music: The individual plan starts at £9.99 per month, making it one of the more affordable options. The family plan is priced at £17.99 per month.

Spotify: Priced at £10.99 per month for the individual plan and £117.99 for the family plan, Spotify also offers a free tier with ads and a Duo account.

Tidal: Tidal’s individual HiFi plan costs £19.99 per month, and the family HiFi plan is £29.99 per month, making it the priciest option. However, they do have plans that are more affordable using lower quality audio.

Deezer: Deezer’s individual and family plans are priced at £11.99 and £19.99 per month, respectively. A free tier with ads is also available.

YouTube Music: Youtube has plans for £12.99 per month and a family plan for £19.99 per month. A free tier with ads is also available. This also includes all the benefits of premium plan when watching YouTube videos, such as no adverts.

User Interface and Experience

Amazon Music

Amazon Music’s interface is clean and intuitive, integrating seamlessly with Amazon’s Echo devices for a hands-free experience via Alexa.


Spotify’s user interface is one of the best in the industry, offering personalised playlists and a Discover Weekly feature based on your listening habits.



Tidal’s interface is sleek and modern, offering video content and exclusive interviews for a multi-dimensional user experience.


Deezer offers a user-friendly interface and a unique feature called “Flow,” a personalised playlist that adapts to your music taste.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music’s interface is straightforward, focusing on video content, live performances, and a personalised “Your Mix” playlist.

Exclusive Features

Amazon Music

  • Voice control with Alexa
  • Amazon Music HD for lossless audio


  • Collaborative playlists
  • Podcasts and audiobooks


  • Exclusive releases
  • High-quality music videos


  • Flow feature for personalised playlists
  • Lyrics on-screen

YouTube Music

  • Extensive video content
  • Live performances

Final Thoughts

Choosing a music streaming service is a personal decision that hinges on various factors like audio quality, user interface, and pricing. Amazon Music and Spotify offer a balanced experience for the average user, while Tidal caters to audiophiles willing to pay a premium for higher audio quality. Deezer offers the unique “Flow” feature, and YouTube Music stands out for its video content.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to take advantage of the free trials most platforms offer. So go ahead, explore these services, and find the one that best suites your preferences.

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