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SoundFace is a very new company to the market, their portable Bluetooth speaker is the first product they have launched. Soundface hope to hit the floor running, competing with more established names and products such as the Cambridge Audio G2 Ultra which we reviewed last month.

The SoundFace speaker is competitively priced at £78 and is available direct from the SoundFace website. This makes it £22 cheaper than the Cambridge or other big names brands such as the Sony SRS-X3.

The Soundface can connect via Bluetooth which can be paired using NFC, you can also connect via Aux. It is charged via microUSB, and will provide up to 10 hours playback. The speaker can also charge your phone via USB too. I like the choice of a microUSB port for charging as you don’t have to worry about the location of the charger quite as much.

The overall look, built quality and general feel of the SoundFace is excellent, it comes in an attractive silver case which has the choice of 3 different grill styles. I would have said different colours would be preferable than different grills, but it is still nice to have a choice. The speaker is reasonably heavy, though it feels lighter but it marginally larger than the Cambridge. Overall I prefer the look and feel of the Cambridge but the difference is so marginal I wouldn’t say it made it worth the extra money.  I personally think it looks much better than the boring looking Sony.

The speaker also comes with a high quality braided microUSB cable and AUX cable. They also include a nice denim bag to protect the speaker. It is only a small detail but it helps add some value to the speaker.

As with most Bluetooth devices nowadays, connecting is extremely simple, and once connected I was able to stream from Spotify without any hassle.

Sound quality was excellent for such a small speaker. As with all devices of this size, it struggled to get very loud, with some distortion once you reached its higher volumes. Bass is also a little weak due to its size, and slightly worse than the Cambridge. Overall though for a speaker of this size the sound quality was good and the difference between its more expensive competitors was marginal.

Overall I was pleased with my experience with the SoundFace speaker, it is in a comparative market and differences between products are marginal to the point where it is hard to recommend one speaker outright. The SoundFace is 23% cheaper than both the Cambridge and the Sony, and while it doesn’t look quite as nice, and the sound is fractionally worse I would say it is a reasonable compromise to make for quite a hefty saving.

You can buy the SoundFace speaker today from Soundface.com for £78

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  1. I recently got the Cambridge Audio G2 and can say that the bass negligible. Also the sound was very directional and hollow. I sent it back because of a faulty battery.

    I then bought the Sound face. Still putting it through its paces, but the bass is far and away far better than the Cambridge. It has a 55mm woofer and two passive radiators. So I’m not sure what the reviewer about the lack of bass.

    If anything it veers towards being too bassy. But the sound has more depth and warmth than the Cambridge. The treble and mid range hold up well.

    And at £78.00 this represents something of a bargain in comparison to more expensive competitors.

  2. Also meant to add that the spoken word comes out very well. Very smooth, rich and warm.
    It’s great if you like listening to podcasts, audio books, internet radio.

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