Reolink RLC-510WA Review – An affordable 5MP Wi-Fi security camera with person/vehicle detection

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Day Time Footage Sample

This 30 mins sample, taken off the Reolink NVR, is 916MB, with an overall bitrate of 4269 kb/s

Night Time Footage Sample

The night footage takes up less space with 643MB and a bit rate of 2990 kb/s

Motion Detection

Similar to all the other recent Reolink cameras with A appended to the end of the product name, this has the new advanced object detection.

It is a significant improvement vs generic motion detection, allowing you to filter out general motion with people and cars. If you record to an NVR with ONFIV, you won’t get this functionality, the NVR itself will need to do the AI processing. I use Sentry with Blue Iris.

Price and Alternatives

The Reolink RLC-510WA is available from Amazon for £73.99, but there is currently a 15% off voucher on the page, taking it down to £62.89. It is also currently available direct from Reolink for the same price.

The older RLC-410W is available from Amazon for £54.99. It has a lower resolution and lacks person/vehicle detection, so I think the RLC-510WA is well worth the extra.

The E1 Outdoor is only £98.99, which may be a significant percentage increase, but it is £35 more for a 5MP PTZ camera with auto-tracking, zoom and a spotlight.

If wiring your camera to a POE switch is at all possible, I’d strongly recommend going down that route. You can pick up the 4K RLC-810A for £71.39.

There are not really any decent competing products from other brands. Most Wi-Fi cameras that are wired for power are from random brands that I can’t vouch for.


As usual from Reolink, this is a superb option. Reolink have so many cameras at different price points it is really just a case of picking whatever camera suits your specific requirements or budget.

I am a big fan of object detection, and Reolink doesn’t appear to charge much of a premium for this feature. Therefore I think this is the best Wi-Fi camera Reolink currently have, unless you need/want zoom or PTZ.

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