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Realme have finally released some official details of the new Realme X2 Pro, rather than the usual controlled leaks you see, Realme have an actual page where they will trickle us information over the next few days.

While Realme has not confirmed the phone is launching on the 15th in Madrid, they are holding an event there, for the official European launch, so it would make sense. Though it is possible this will just be the European release of the normal Realme X2.

REALME Save the Date

So far the page reveals is that the phone will use a Snapdragon 855+ chipset, and claims to be the first at this price segment, so we should expect it to be the cheapest option on the market.

RealmeX2Pro 2

Further down the page, they indicate that the phone has a quad-camera with a primary 64MP lens, 115-degree wide lens, telephoto lens and portrait lens. This will likely be identical to the normal X2.

Previously Realme‘s Chief Marketing Officer teased that the phone will offer a 90Hz refresh rate, similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro and the newly announced OnePlus 7T.

It has been reported that the LED display may be 6.55-inches and Realme is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, who also own OPPO and OnePlus, so it is likely the screen will be the same as used in the OnePlus 7T.

RealmeX2Pro 3

The phone will be running ColorOS 6.1, which is the same OS you will find on the Oppo Reno2 and is based on Android 9.0 (Pie).

The current X2 has NFC and this, for me, is critical to its success in Europe as phone payments have quickly become one of the main ways to pay for things in recent years.

It is also expected that the phone will have a 4000mAh battery and with the recent announcement of VOOC 4.0 it is possible that it will feature this for its quick charging feature.

RealmeX2Pro 4

The big question is how will the phone be priced, I had previously said it should be priced below the Xiaomi Mi 9T. However, that was before the 90Hz screen and SD855+ spec was revealed. I would expect it to be priced higher now (above £360), and if they can keep it under £500 this is looking like one of the best phones on the market for the price.


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