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The Poly Sync 20+ is a portable speaker with a built-in microphone steerable array that is specifically designed for video calls using apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

It can be connected via Bluetooth or USB and is best suited for a laptop or mobile use, providing superior audio and microphone quality to both laptops and mobiles.

Poly - Sync 20 Bluetooth/USB-A Speakerphone - Personal... Poly - Sync 20 Bluetooth/USB-A Speakerphone - Personal... No ratings yet £80.78


  • Connectivity: Wired (USB-A & USB-C depending on model) and wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Recommended For: Flexible enterprise (professionals who split time between corporate office, home office, and travel)
  • Room Size: 4m x 4m​
  • Microphone: Three microphone steerable array
  • Talk Time: Up to 20 hours
  • User Controls: Call answer/end, mute, volume up/down, programmable function button.
  • Dust And Water Protection: IP64
  • Mobile charging: Yes

Set Up and Connectivity

You can connect the Poly Sync 20 via Bluetooth or USB. The speaker has a built-in USB cable which is sensibly wrapped around the underside of the speaker for a nice clean cable management solution.

When using USB with Windows, the PC will automatically detect the speaker, and you can change the output option via the speaker icon in the taskbar.

For Bluetooth, you will need to hold the Bluetooth button on the side until you hear it say pairing.

The front panel of the speaker has several touch buttons, with one being programable.

You can then install one of the Poly apps to manage the device. It seems like you have two options, Poly Lens or Plantronics Hub. I assumed Lens was the newest app, and this is what I installed. It is also possible to install Plantronics Hub on either iOS or Android.

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With Poly Lens installed, you can update the firmware and change a variety of settings, including programming the rocket button. In its default state, this will play/pause media, but you can change it to hold/resume call, redial (on mobile) or call up a virtual assistant such as Google.

Audio and Microphone Quality

Poly Sync 20 Smart Speakerphone Review

Most of my Zoom and Teams meetings are done on my desktop with large speakers and a proper microphone, so the Poly Sync 20 struggles to compete here.

However, when using it with my laptop, the speakerphone works well, providing significantly better audio and microphone quality than my Huawei Matebook 13.

Perhaps the stand-out feature is the three-microphone array which can pick up your voice clearly from a couple of meters away. This then gives you the flexibility to move around while on call or alternatively have it work as a conference call speaker. I found it worked well when taking Whatsapp video calls with my family, which allowed my partner to get involved in the call and not rely on low-quality phone speakers.

The speaker quality is perfectly fine for voice. People sound clear, and it can go loud enough that voices remain audible even when several metres away.


Poly Sync 20 Smart Speakerphone Review 6

As well as a speaker phone, Poly advertises this as a “high-performance music speaker”. I would say that is an overly generous description.

I wouldn’t personally use this for music as the overall sound quality is not amazing for this scenario. The dimensions of the unit itself and the power of the speakers inside it can’t do the music justice.

The only exception would be that this sounds better than what your laptop or mobile phone is capable of.

Price and Alternative Options

The Poly Sync 20 comes in various models. You have USB-C or USB-A and then a choice of having a dongle included.

For the MS Teams compatible model with USB-C but no dongle, Amazon has this listed as £85.64.

Poly then also has the Sync 40 for £184 or the much larger Sync 60 for around £400.

Jabra has several competing speakers going from the Speak 410 up to the Speak 810.

The cheapest is the Microsoft-certified Jabra Speak 510 for just £75.99; then the Speak 710 is £170.


The Poly Sync 20 is a good speakerphone that will inevitably appeal to the large number of people that have a hybrid or work from home setting.

It is conveniently sized and works with multiple devices, which makes it a bit more convenient than dedicated speakers and microphone, or a headset.

Poly Sync 20+ Smart Speakerphone Review Rating


The Poly Sync 20 is a good speakerphone that will inevitably appeal to the large number of people that have a hybrid or work from home setting.

  • Overall - 80%

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