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I spend around 10 hours a day staring at a computer screen, then whatever time I spend gawping at my phone screen browsing through pointless social media. So, it is perhaps not a surprise that I, and many others, have issues with sleep.

I know blue light is bad, and I half-heartedly try to reduce my exposure to it in the evening, I use things like night mode, change the hue of my lights and use an Amazon Kindle for reading rather than a tablet. However, blue light can cause various other issues throughout the day, including headaches, fatigue, dry eyes and blurry vision.

The Ocushield range of products aims to reduce exposure to blue light throughout the day. This includes a range of screen protectors for phones, tablets and laptops and then also some anti-blue light glasses.

One of the immediate problems I had when being offered this product for review is my lack of compatible devices. Apple users are OK, they cover the iPhone, iPad and Macbook, but for Android, it is Samsung only.

Monitor and Laptop options from 11″ to 27″ – No 30″ or ultra-wide options

They have quite an extensive list of monitor support that will fit both monitors or laptops. Screen sizes go from 11.6″ up to 27″. However, I use a 49″ Samsung ultrawide and a 30″ 4K Samsung monitor.

So, I had to opt for the glasses option (plus an iPad screen protector for my partner’s tablet). Technically this is a better option for me anyway, I have multiple monitors, phones and a laptop, so it is easier just to wear the glasses.

Ocushield Anti-blue Light Glasses

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The glasses have 3 styles to choose from, 3 colours, then an option to have standard lenses or 3x magnification.

They cost £40, so quite cheap, and the quality of the frame feels about the same, they feel like cheap sunglasses. That’s not really a major concern though, I don’t need £200 Ray-Bans to stare at my computer screen.

However, there are a lot of cheaper options on Amazon, ranging from £10 upwards, so these are comparatively expensive.

There is quite a bit of difference in the screen hue when you put the glasses on, one of the things that give me headaches is a quick change in light, so I was paranoid this would cause me issues. However, I have experienced no headaches since wearing these.

I have worn them as much as possible for a couple of weeks. I can’t say I have noticed much difference, but at the same time, I haven’t had any headaches or other issues associated with blue light.

I think these work well for my scenario, and I think these are worth considering for anyone that sits in front of multiple monitors all day.

Ocushield iPad Mini Anti Blue Light Protector

The Ocushield for the iPad is basically a tempered glass screen protector with additional blue light filtering, so you get two products in one. It is priced at around £25 on Amazon, and it looks like Ocushield has the market cornered here, there are not really any decent alternative options.

Fitting it is the same as every other tempered glass screen protector, so you need to make sure your screen is perfectly clean and align it as accurately as possible.

The end result works as expected, the iPad display changes hue in a similar manner, but in this scenario, my eyes didn’t feel it quite as much.

While I don’t personally use the iPad much, my partner uses it a lot, and it works well for her as she already wears glasses, so this is the best option for her.


It is a little hard to objectively evaluate a product like this, but I have not experienced any headaches while using the glasses. My sleep has been about the same. So, it hasn’t made a dramatic change to my life.

However, blue light is well known to cause problems, and we have seen a trend of tech trying to reduce this. Most phones now have night mode built-in, apps like f.lux have been popular for years, and you can even buy low blue light monitors such as Asus Eye Care.  

So, if you work all day on a computer, it is a wise idea to invest in something that will filter blue light.

Ocushield Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for Apple iPad Review

James Smythe



The Ocushield range of screen protectors appears to be one of the most comprehensive ranges of products I can find. They seem to be reasonably priced compared to the small number of computing products on Amazon.


Ocushield Parker Anti-Blue Light Glasses Review Rating

James Smythe



The glasses worked well for me and more convenient than adding a filter to multiple devices. However, with this option, there is much more competition for options priced quite a bit lower (many higher), so it makes these a little harder to recommend. They seem to work well, look nice, and even though they are more expensive than other options, £40 still isn’t a lot of money.


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