Netgear Orbi Voice RBK50V

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Netgear Orbi is arguably one of the best Mesh Wi Fi ecosystems on the market, but one area it has fallen short, in comparison to the likes of TP-Link, is built in antivirus and security.

That is now all about to change with the roll out of Armor across all Orbi systems which is powered by Bitdefender.

Router level security is relatively new, with the first router I reviewed offering it was the F-Secure SENSE. Having security features baked into your router gives you the option of network-wide security, which means that all devices connected to your Orbi WiFi network will benefit from this protection including smart home and IoT (internet of things) devices.

Continuous scans will identify and block malware such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, and the malicious links that are the delivery system to infect your network, before they even reach you. Immediate notifications on your smartphone (via the Orbi app) or on your computer will alert you when threats are detected and blocked.

Furthermore, for added protection Netgear Armor also includes Bitdefender Total Security, which lets you install a complete anti-malware protection on your Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. Now you and your family can stay protected even while you are away from home or on public Wi-Fi networks.

Netgear Armor on Orbi is now available worldwide on all Orbi WiFi Mesh Systems with an Orbi RBR50 router, including the RBK50, the RBK53, and the Orbi Voice (RBK50V). Installation is as easy as accepting the offer. All Orbi RBR50 routers worldwide, have received the firmware update to enable installation of Armor. Following the free 30-day trial, the annual subscription fee is £59.99.

This is obviously quite expensive, but if you have a lot of devices on your system it can be cost effective and work out cheaper than running premium paid solutions on each device.

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