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Netatmo launched its indoor smart camera back in 2015, and the outdoor camera in 2016. Amazon Alexa was barely a thing then, we didn’t get it in the UK until September 2016, since then it has become trendy to integrate everything with Alexa, useful or not.

Netatmo has continued to update their cameras over the years, keeping them relevant and not forcing you into the typical tech upgrade cycle.

This upgrade now includes the inevitable Amazon Alexa, giving users an easy way to monitor and protect their homes.

Users of Netatmo’s Smart Cameras can now see what is happening in their homes with a simple voice command. The cameras will be able to be used with Amazon Alexa after an upcoming automatic software update. This update applies to all Netatmo Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, including those already on the market.

Netatmo has actually made a useful update, the camera will work with screen-based devices so you can say: “Alexa, show me the garden” or “Alexa, show me the front door” to view their homes from their Echo Spot or Echo Show. They can also turn on or off the floodlight on the Smart Outdoor Camera by saying, “Alexa, turn on the garden light”.

Even though these two cameras are quite old by tech standards, in my opinion, they are still two of the best options on the market. They both have smart identification, the outdoor one can tell if it is a person, animal, or something else, minimising the annoying alerts. The indoor camera will identify faces, so you know exactly who comes and goes. Furthermore, the cameras are microSD based so there are no expensive cloud contracts, and they are, arguably, more secure from prying eyes that cloud-based systems seem to be prone too.

The two cameras are now complemented with a new indoor security system with an indoor siren and door/window sensors.

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