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Following on from my reviews of the Nebo Ultimate Multi Voltage Power Pack and Nebo Davinci 18000 Lumen Flashlight, I have been checking out the versatile Big Larry Pro+.

This is a work light, that combines a large inspection light and a flashlight in a handy design with a magnetic base and pocket clip.

Features / Specification

  • Light
    • Flashlight
      • High (220 lumens): 11 hours / 82 meters
      • Low (60 lumens): 24 hours / 50 meters
    • COB Work Light
      • White High (600 lumens): 4.5 hours / 33 meters
      • White Low (150 lumens): 10 hours / 18 meters
      • Red High (40 lumens): 8 hours / 7 meters
      • Red Low (12 lumens): 19 hours / 1 meters
      • Red Strobe (40 lumens): 24 hours / 7 meters
  • Design
    • USB-C Rechargeable
    • Water and impact-resistant (IPX7)
    • Dimming + Power Memory Recall
    • Direct-to-Red
    • Ergonomic non-slip grip
    • Anodised aircraft-grade aluminium
    • Steel pocket clip with hanging hole
    • Powerful magnetic base
  • Battery
    • Powered by 1xLi-Ion 18650 3.7v 2200mAh rechargeable battery (included)
    • USB-C rechargeable
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 197mm
    • Width: 25mm
    • Diameter: 32mm
    • Weight: 191g

Nebo Big Larry Pro+ vs Big Larry 3

The Big Larry Pro+ and the Big Larry 3 are essentially the same light, but the  Big Larry Pro+ uses a Li-Ion 18650 3.7v 2200mAh rechargeable battery with USB-C charging.

The Big Larry 3 relies on 3xAA batteries.

Due to the rechargeable design of the Big Larry Pro+, it is IPX7 rated, making it waterproof up to 1m for 30 mins. The Big Larry 3 is only IPX4 rated, which means it can only handle splashes.

The battery difference also affects the run time. The Big Larry Pro+ lasts longer with the flashlight and work light on high but not as long on low or with the red light. For the work light on low, the Big Larry Pro+ lasts 10 hours, but the Big Larry 3. Then, for the red light on high, the Big Larry Pro+ only lasts 8 hours, whereas the Larry 3 lasts 20 hours.

I assume this is due to the Li-Ion 18650 3.7v 2200mAh performing better on higher power outputs.

The older Big Larry Pro is rechargeable but uses a magnetic charge station, which I think is less convenient than USB-C. It also has a lower lumen output, and there is no IP rating listed.

Design & Build

The Nebo Big Larry Pro+ has a sensible, practical design and excellent build quality, much like all the other Nebo gear.

It is a rugged light that appears far more durable than the cheap work light I have been using in the past. The aluminium body should allow this to handle plenty of knocks and drops.

It then has a rubberised hand grip, which will prevent it from slipping out of your hands in wet conditions.

On the back of the light is a pocket clip with a hanging hole, and the base is magnetic, so you have a variety of ways to affix this in place.

The main work light is fixed in place, and this can emit up to 600 lumens of white light or a 40-lumen red emergency light. The red light can also be set to strobe.

Then, on the top of the light is an additional flashlight that can do up to 220 lumens.

Nebo Big Larry Pro Plus Portable Work Light Review Flashlight

The power button is rubberised and located below the work light, while the USB-C port is on the other side and protected by a rubber cover.

The battery is also removable, allowing you to replace it once the endurance starts to wane.

Nebo Big Larry Pro Plus Portable Work Light Review Battery

It is certainly not a large torch, but it is not quite every day carry size. However, it does fit in your pocket and would be fine in a work environment.

In an attempt to be nitpicky, some minor criticisms would be:

  • The work light is fixed in place, whereas competing options flip out, giving you more control of the light direction where affixed to something.
  • I’d prefer the power button on the back. I naturally use my thumb to switch it on and inevitably switch the work light directed at my face.
  • The pocket clip is handy, and this can be hung, but there is no hook built in to hang it.

Overall, it is a well-made work light, and I would say the highlight would be that it feels very durable, whereas the cheaper lights I have used feel like they may break any time.

In Use

The Nebo Big Larry Pro+ works as advertised it is a useful light to have for a variety of scenarios. While this may be geared towards tradespeople, I have used it extensively over the past few weeks. I am regularly tinkering with computers and networking equipment, and this is excellent at providing light close to where I am working.

The magnetic base is extremely useful, allowing me to fix it into place without it getting knocked over.

The main work light is the most useful light, and it provides more than enough illumination for anything in close proximity. Nebo say the working light has a 33m throw distance, which may be true, but it is best suited for things up close.

The flashlight is basic; it can’t compete with dedicated pocket flashlights such as the Nebo Torchy 2K, which can be 500 lumens on high or the Nitecore flashlights I have reviewed, but it is handy to have. The 220-lumen output is more than adequate in most scenarios.

I haven’t timed the battery, but over 4 hours appears to be accurate for the work light. One concern may be that if you use this in a work environment and run out of battery, then you will have to put it on charge, and the charge speed is quite slow.

Price and Alternative Options

The Nebo Big Larry Pro+ is priced at £39.99 available directly from Nebo.

The other Nebo Larry work lights include:

  • Big Larry 3: £19.99
  • Big Larry 2: £16.99
  • Big Larry: £12.99
  • Big Larry Pro Rechargeable: £39.99
  • Lil Larry: £12.99

Amazon has lots of generic cheap alternatives, which is what I was using before this. For example:

Coquimbo LED Torch for £17 has a flip-out inspection light in either white or a red warning light and a small LED top light. It has a magnetic base and a hook for hanging. It is good for the price, just not the same quality as the Nebo, and it lacks an IP rating.

There is the Draper 98342 7W Slimline COB LED Inspection Lamp for around £39 (though a £80+ RRP). It claims to have a higher 700-lumen output. However, it only has a tiny SMD LED torch, and I can’t see any claims of an IP rating.

The PRINCEWAY LED Work Light Inspection Light is around £39 with a 7W COP LED with 700 lumen output, then a 4W LED for the flashlight. It has a lower IP65 rating.


There is nothing I can think of to criticise the Nebo Big Larry Pro+, though, admittedly, I don’t have extensive experience with work/inspection lights.

I have found it to be an excellent light that I have regularly used around the house for a variety of jobs.

I think it is priced right, £40 isn’t that much to spend on a torch, and it is about the same price as the alternative options I found, and the Nebo is arguably better than those. That being said there are competing options from random brands which are not quite as good but half the price.

The Big Larry 3 may be a better choice for some people as you can swap out the AA batteries avoiding any downtime.

Overall, if you are looking for a good quality work/inspection light I think the Nebo Big Larry Pro+ is an excellent choice.

Nebo Big Larry Pro+ Portable Work Light Review


If you are looking for a good quality work/inspection light I think the Nebo Big Larry Pro+ is an excellent choice.

  • Overall - 90%


  • Versatile light with a strong magnetic base
  • Well made, IPX7 rated and feels very durable


  • Work light is fixed in place
  • Slow USB-C charging

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