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MediaTek has unveiled a new era in 5G technology with its introduction of the RedCap solutions, including the world’s first Modem-RF System-On-Chip (SoC) for 5G IoT and wearables, the MediaTek M60. Aimed at transforming the IoT landscape, this breakthrough promises to deliver impressive 5G data rates combined with exceptional power efficiency across various devices.

The RedCap Revolution: Bringing 5G to IoT

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RedCap, standing for “reduced capability,” is MediaTek’s strategic move to extend the benefits of 5G to a broader range of consumer, enterprise, and industrial devices. This innovation targets devices with lower bandwidth requirements, such as wearables, lightweight AR devices, IoT modules, and edge AI devices, aiming to provide reliable 5G connectivity without the complexities and costs associated with standard 5G solutions.

MediaTek T300 Series: Pioneering Compact and Efficient Design

The MediaTek T300 series, a part of the RedCap solution, is breaking new ground as the world’s first 6nm Radio Frequency System-On-Chip (RFSOC) single die solution in the RedCap space. This series, utilising the efficient TSMC 6nm process, features a single-core Arm Cortex-A35 and supports up to 227 Mbps downlink and 122 Mbps uplink data rates. The T300 series stands out for its compact design, making it ideal for a variety of applications, from consumer AR to enterprise and industrial uses.

Enhanced Power Efficiency and Performance

The MediaTek M60 and T300 series boast remarkable power efficiency, a critical feature for IoT and wearable devices. The M60 offers up to 70% reduction in power consumption compared to other 5G eMBB solutions and up to 75% power savings over 4G LTE solutions. This efficiency is further enhanced by MediaTek’s UltraSave 4.0 technology, which significantly reduces power usage, especially in large-scale deployments.

Advanced Technical Features

The MediaTek M60 and T300 series support the 3GPP R17 standard, ensuring compliance with the latest 5G protocols. They offer several advanced technical features, such as:

  • R17 UE power saving and coverage enhancement.
  • Small data transmission capabilities.
  • Up to 256 QAM DL/UL and 1T2R MIMO.
  • Network slicing for efficient data handling.
  • 60% smaller PCB compared to 4G IoT modem solutions.

Implications for the Future of IoT and Wearables

MediaTek’s RedCap solutions are set to revolutionize the IoT and wearables market, offering unprecedented power efficiency, reduced costs, and increased reliability. These solutions align with the growing need for sustainable, energy-efficient technology, particularly in large-scale device deployments. With the expected sampling of the T300 series devices in the first half of 2024 and commercial samples in the second half, the potential for innovation in the IoT and wearable sectors is immense.


The MediaTek M60 and T300 series represent a significant step forward in 5G technology, particularly for the IoT and wearable markets. By providing power-efficient, compact, and high-performance solutions, MediaTek is poised to lead the charge in the next generation of connected devices. This development aligns with MediaTek’s mission to democratise 5G technology, making it accessible and efficient for a wide range of applications and devices. The future of IoT and wearables looks bright with MediaTek’s pioneering technology paving the way.

For more information on MediaTek’s RedCap initiatives, please visit MediaTek’s website​​​​.

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