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Today, MediaTek has announced a partnership with Meta’s Llama 2, their forthcoming open-source Large Language Model (LLM). By leveraging both the LLM and MediaTek’s innovative APUs and NeuroPilot AI Platform, the goal is to establish a comprehensive edge computing framework. This will boost AI development across platforms like smartphones, IoT, cars, and smart homes.

Key points:

  • Generative AI applications will now be able to operate directly on devices, contrasting the prevailing cloud-based processing approach.
  • Running computations on-device offers enhanced performance, heightened privacy, stronger security, improved reliability, reduced delay, functionality in low-connectivity zones, and cost savings.
  • By year-end, smartphones equipped with MediaTek’s upcoming flagship SoC are anticipated to support Llama 2-driven AI apps.

While most Generative AI processing currently relies on cloud-based solutions, MediaTek’s integration of the Llama 2 models will empower devices to handle generative AI tasks directly. This shift offers multiple benefits: improved performance, heightened privacy, stronger security, reduced latency, offline operation capability, and cost-effectiveness.

For edge devices to harness the full potential of on-device Generative AI, they must embrace potent, energy-efficient AI chips and superior connectivity. MediaTek’s 5G smartphone SoCs, available now, are already loaded with APUs capable of executing diverse Generative AI tasks, such as AI Noise Reduction and AI Super Resolution.

Furthermore, MediaTek will soon launch a flagship chipset boasting a software suite fine-tuned for Llama 2, an advanced APU with Transformer acceleration, and a more efficient DRAM bandwidth usage. These enhancements expedite the development of Generative AI use cases.

JC Hsu, Senior VP and GM of Wireless Communications at MediaTek, expressed, “Generative AI’s rising prominence is reshaping the digital landscape. Our aim is to equip the Llama 2 developer community with top-tier tools for AI innovation. Collaborating with Meta, we’re poised to redefine edge capabilities.”

By year-end, smartphones featuring MediaTek’s upcoming flagship SoC are expected to support Llama 2-driven AI apps.

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