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Pocketalk is one of the top makers of handheld translation devices that have become popular in recent years.

I was impressed with the Pocketalk S Voice Translator which provided accurate and quick translation with 2-years of free data for translation using the built-in eSIM.

They are now expanding their product range into cloud-based app translation services, eliminating the need for expensive hardware in favour of a monthly subscription service.

The two new services are Pocketalk App and Pocketalk Subtitles. The app does what you would expect it to, with 82 languages available all for a price of $2.99 per month.

The subtitles service is perhaps a more interesting announcement, with the application providing live translation subtitles for virtual meetings.

Full Press Release:

Pocketalk today announces its plans to become a global communication platform following the success of its digital language translation device. To date Pocketalk has focused on innovation to break down communication barriers through hardware and software services, but the company now has its sights set on bringing simple, quick and effective language translation to all through its new cloud-based solutions – the Pocketalk App and Pocketalk Subtitles.

Since Pocketalk launched in 2017, the company has been a leader in the handheld translator market and now holds 98% market share with its Pocketalk Classic and Pocketalk S devices. Pocketalk Plus, the largest device in the lineup, which was developed in response to the pandemic, is also set to launch in Europe in January 2022. This device will provide a solution for healthcare workers, educators, emergency services and other professionals in need of translation.

Pocketalk has connected people of all backgrounds through language translation and the engine has been honed by over half a billion translations achieving an unparalleled level of speed and accuracy. To date the company has sold nearly one million Pocketalk handheld devices.

Pocketalk App

Pocketalk will today expand from exclusively a hardware device into a cloud-based solution software as its aims to connect all humans through conversation, quickly and easily.  The Pocketalk app, which will be available on Android or iOS devices, is the perfect companion for the existing Pocketalk hardware.   Users can now instantly translate up to 82 languages using the app. With an easy install on your mobile device, the app hosts a number of features including voice input which translates as text and audio, reverse translation, pronunciation practice, translation history and camera translations, all at the user’s fingertips. The Pocketalk App will be available in Spring 2022 priced at $2.99 per month.

Pocketalk subtitles

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Virtual meetings became a way of life in 2021. Ideal settings for single language discussion but a platform that fell short on the needs of the global business environment and multilingual world. Pocketalk Subtitles meets this challenge head on with the fastest way to generate subtitles, most importantly, conversationally accurate ones, currently available on any meeting platform. Pocketalk Subtitles is ideal for business, education, or personal communication in 82 languages. Pocketalk subtitles will be available in April 2022 priced at $9.99 per month. Open beta will be available in February 2022 on both Mac & Windows. This is going to be downloadable as a free trial period.

Nori Matsuda, Pocketalk’s CEO, said: “Our mission is now an international one: to remove language barriers and connect all humans through conversations — the ones happening in all sorts of environments: medicine, education, logistics, personal. We’re now speaking in one “common” language — a necessity in a world where, as the past two years have shown us, we share one common biology. We believe that everyone should be able to communicate easily across every corner of the globe which is why we have created these new products to cater to everyone’s needs.”

To meet global standards, all translation and services are GDPR compliant. This provides both consumers and businesses the confidence to know their translation data is managed with the utmost care and consideration. 

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