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Following on from the Joby Spin and Swing announcement, Joby is also extending its range of audio products for creators.

There are five new products being launched with the current WAVO range getting upgrades from the existing microphone line-up introduced at Play List Live 2020.

Full Press Release

JOBY – the reference brand for content creator gear – is releasing a new lineup of flagship audio mics for pro, on-the-go and desktop creators and streamers. JOBY creators know that it’s not enough to have great lighting and stability; audio is 50% of the perfect content equation! The new release includes five new additions to the WavoTM line, led by all-new flagships Wavo PRO and Wavo AIR. With the beloved GorillaPodTM and BeamoTM lighting lines, JOBY’s debut in audio capture is the last piece of the puzzle for a one-stop-shop for content creation gear, be it video stability, lighting, and now, pro-grade audio.

The flagship Wavo PRO is designed as the ultimate audio capture solution for expert creators. JOBY leveraged design breakthroughs from its existing Wavo range to deliver the lightest microphone without sacrificing unprecedented performance.

The entirely new Wavo lineup is available today online at JOBY.com and in select retailers, with products and kits ranging from £43.95 – £257.95.

Wavo PRO (£257.95)

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The all-new Wavo PRO is an unequalled, innovative shotgun microphone built for storytellers, filmmakers and expert creators on the go. The premium mic is equipped with an intelligent hybrid analogue/digital system to power onboard active noise reduction, a sound management app, and integrated second 3.5mm mic input. Designed to pair with the latest in mirrorless camera hardware to bring broadcast-calibre audio to JOBY’s dynamic audience, Wavo PRO’s features include:

  • An active noise reduction (ANR) system that leverages enhanced onboard Rycote technology to process and clear sounds made from on-the-go creation, removing self- generated structural noise.
  • A simple dedicated digital sound management app for iOS and Android, that connects via Bluetooth to Wavo PRO to provide creators real- time and remote visual monitoring of sound input, independent dual-mode EQ, and customized, shareable sound setups.
  • LEDs in front and back to provide real time monitoring no matter the orientation.
  • Seamless secondary mic input for easy interviews or dual channel recording.
  • Onboard -10db safe track for mono or dual channel recording.
  • Auto power mode to switch the mic on/off automatically together with the camera.
  • Perfectly pairs with the entire JOBY content creation kit, including tripods, lights and mics.

Wavo PRO DS (£228.95 – Available starting March 4, 2022)

The mid-range Wavo PRO DS is the perfect companion for creators looking for a solid upgrade. The shotgun microphone shares most of the pro-grade components of the flagship Wavo PRO, but is designed to deliver high-quality audio with a more streamlined user experience. Wavo PRO DS features include:

  • A plug-and-play, simple user interface with a few key controls for audio content creation.
  • A high-pass filter that cleans sound from unwanted low frequencies in real-time.
  • Onboard safe track for mono or dual channel recording.
  • Integrated LEDs indicate battery and audio levels.

Wavo AIR (£214.95)

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The Wavo AIR is an ‘instant-pairing’ wireless microphone kit designed for creators who need freedom in front of the camera. From food vloggers to virtual fitness instructors, Wavo AIR is perfect for delivering tight, broadcast-quality sound – even at a distance. Its high-quality audio is only outdone by its incredible modularity, designed to pair easily with a variety of custom accessories, and be placed in any environment ready for action. The Wavo AIR Kit comes standard with double transmitters, two (2) lavalier mics and cable adapters for both cameras and phones. Creators can pair their wireless mic with audio enhancement accessories including stability and support mounts, or even additional lav mics and transmitters. Wavo AIR features include:

  • High-quality, 2.4 GHz wireless audio capture technology in a lightweight, pocketable form factor.
  • Hands-free audio capture with lav mics, including a unique JOBY designed mounting system that goes from magnetic mount lanyard, belt clip or cold shoe mount, to GorillaPod leg clip and many more.
  • Compatible out-of-the-box with smartphones and cameras using TRS and TRRS cables, and two transmitters for interviews.
  • Long-range wireless capture lets you exit close-up shots and still record up to 50m (164ft); mics can even be placed in different locations to record specific audio far from the camera to enrich the video content.

Wavo POD (£85.95)

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Wavo POD is JOBY’s large-diaphragm, USB condenser microphone for audio streamers. The mic is designed for the everyday podcaster or game streamer, featuring the versatility of both cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns with 24bit/48kHz high-res sampling rates. In addition to its modern JOBY design, Wavo POD features include:

  • A zero-latency headphone monitoring 3.5mm jack along with a volume and gain knob with one-click integrated mute functionality.
  • Includes a JOBY designed pop filter accessory – designed to remove voice plosives – and a desk stand. A secondary filter is available as a separate purchase ($9.95) that shields the back side of the mic for multiple or simultaneous recording angles, and crisp, pop-free vocals.
  • Industry-standard USB Type-C connection for seamless, plug-and-play use with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Two ¼-20 mounts on either side of the mic stand can attach accessories, and position the mic using a GorillaPod or boom arm for any streamer’s customized setup.
  • Equipped with a detachable base and U bracket, native ⅜” female screw and included ⅜” to ⅝” adapter, to easily connect to any boom arm.

Wavo Lav PRO (£68.95)

JOBY’s first pro-grade lavalier mic is designed for big sound with a small footprint. The Wavo Lav PRO introduces a high-quality lavalier microphone with discreet capsule dimensions and sound fit for the Wavo PRO. While all its functions are purpose-built to work in harmony with the Wavo PRO and other JOBY audio gear, other key features include:

  • A pro-grade capsule and included foam windscreen creates crisp, warm and true tone audio, and removes vocal plosives or soft wind.
  • A 2.5m long, high-quality cable made from soft materials, connects to the Wavo Lav PRO for the ultimate interview setup that minimizes transferring vibrations.
  • A small footprint of Wavo Lav PRO makes it easy to conceal while a durable aluminum mounting clip keeps it locked into position.
  • A 3.5mm TRS connector pairs perfectly with Wavo PRO and works with standard camera attachments.

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