The iDual lighting range is a range of LEDs and bulbs that offer remote control and unlimited colour and brightness adjustments. In a world with Philips Hue these are a bit retro, there is no smart connection of any form, you control them via remote control.

The iDual Dahlia Table Lamp is a spherical lamp that is about 20cm in diameter that can produce 500 lumens of light, which is the equivalent of a 40W bulb.

With it being a relatively dumb light, set up is about as easy as it gets, put batteries in the remote, plug it in and select your options.

The remote gives you a massive number of options. The main colour wheel has 4 buttons that can be pressed multiple times to select different hues of colours.

You can then also select various scene type options, there is a candlelight mode, which is a nice feature that is a bit different from smart bulbs. You can also have it rotate through the colour spectrum, either in order or randomly.