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I have reviewed two of the amazing Jackery Solar Generators in the past couple of years. The demand for portable power stations and solar generators has increased exponentially recently, and with rising electricity prices, I can only imagine the growth with continue.

Jackery is one of the pioneers of portable power stations and solar generators. They are the biggest brand in the business, with over 2 million units sold.

Founded in California in 2012, Jackery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a range of giveaways

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Giveaway

Jackery has two giveaway promotions which are active right now. With both competitions, you have a chance to win a free Explorer 1000 and a corresponding SolarSaga panel

Jackery UK official site – Ends 15th November

The first is a single email entry which is done on their website.

With this prize draw, you will win an Explorer 1000 and a SolarSaga 100.

Find out more on Jackery UK

Jackery Social Media – Ends 9th November

Join the competition on Jackery UK’s Instagram and Facebook, and 10 lucky followers will win a free Solar Generator 1000 by sharing their “warmest” stories.

The Solar Generator 1000 is different from the first competition because you get two SolarSaga 100 panels included. The value of this prize is over £1600!

Jackery Bundle Deals

Furthermore, if you buy either the Solar Generator 1000 or Solar Generator 500, they will provide you with a free carry case.

This offer has no end date, but the Solar Generator 500 is limited to the first 50 orders, and the Solar Generator 1000 is limited to the first 100 orders.

When you buy a Jackery direct (or from an authorised reseller), you also claim an extended warranty, going from 2 to 3 years.

Warm Up Your Winter with a Jackery Solar Generator


Portable power stations and solar generators have a wide range of uses. They are incredibly popular for anyone that spends a lot of time off-grid. This could be camping, caravans, or people that live in vans or canal boats (my mother is constantly eying up my Jackery for her boat).

However, most people can make use of these excellent devices. They are perfect for emergency power, and I know they are popular with people that use CPAP machines.

With all the doom and gloom in the news about the potential of blackouts over winter, I am fully prepared to keep my home office up and running with my Jackery units.

Hopefully, that won’t be required, but I am also looking into fixing solar panels onto my garage roof and powering that off-grid, running a freezer, WiFi, CCTV and other less demanding devices.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro & 1000 Pro

2000 Pro

Jackery is finally bringing the two flagship Pro products over the pond.

Jackery will soon launch the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 1000 Pro, which are both compatible with much faster solar charging as well as high-power mains charging.

The outputs have been improved and include 100W PD USB-C ports, which are capable of powering most recent laptops, tablets and phones.

With the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro, you can have up to 4x SolarSaga 200 panels for up to 800W of charging power.

The Solar Generator 2000 Pro can have up to 6 SolarSaga 200 panels for 1200W of charging!

Price and availability will be confirmed soon, but I am reviewing the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro, and my initial review will be live in the next couple of weeks.

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